How secure is AWS? (in 2018)

How secure is AWS? (in 2018)
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How secure is AWS?

Nowadays, many business leaders across the world feel insecure about moving their corporate platforms and data into the cloud, primarily, because they don’t know how secure are Cloud Services Providers.

It’s not a secret for anyone to know that cloud technologies have brought a new era of services. This has opened up a variety of solutions for all kind of business needs, but at the same time, threats to information and privacy. This is why it has become so important for companies and startups to count with a secure hosting service where they can store and manage all kind of internal information by leaving aside the concern of losing it.

AWS is compliant with worldwide top-level security standards…

  • ISO 27001:

AWS continuously identifies and assesses new risks on the cloud. According to this, AWS applies security controls on their systems and aligns these controls with their organizational and business needs.

  • HIPAA:

Encryption, restricted access, effective management and audit of Protected Health Information (PCI) from customers is possible on AWS. This particular feature is really useful for those enterprises who manage a big amount of personal information from their customers.

  • PCI:

AWS is qualified as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, category granted to service providers that process 300,000 financial transactions per year. AWS counts with a holistic security approach which includes encryption, restriction and effective management of transactions data to protect customers’ data.

You can find a full list of the AWS eligible services which are compliant with ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI here; we can remark those most widely used AWS eligible services:


Which AWS features can help you to protect your business against most common security breaches on the Cloud?

  • AWS Shared Responsibility model allows security controls and policies to be managed by business and AWS. Therefore, risks for losing business sensitive data or suffering data breaches is almost 0, along with the effort used by business for granting security.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service allow granting specific permissions according to roles, so that team members only count with the necessary access to resources and no more, avoiding internal risks of intrusions and malicious attacks on business sensitive data.
  • AWS Snapshots and AMIs allow always to have an available copy of sensitive data (configurations, registers, folders, files, etc.) from applications, databases and servers for restoring just if a disaster happens, which avoids data and progress lost for teams.

But, what operative and organizational benefits can be achieved through AWS security?

  • The business focuses more on innovation and less on securing data assets.
  • Continuous concerns by CEO about information wandering through all departments is removed, allowing them to generate improvements for operative and collaboration processes instead of opting on a restriction based policy for information assets, which could cause stress on the company.
  • The Business activities/operations will not stop in case of disaster, which will avoid losing money, even in the case of critical damage on applications.

So, after knowing this, who should be interested in taking advantage of AWS Security features?

  • Startups with innovative solutions and processes, who want to keep their data away from stealing or corruption.
  • Big enterprises which generate sensitive data from financial and manufacturing processes.
  • Banks, insurance companies and e-commerce who manage personal information from customers.

Go ahead and migrate to AWS. As a Cloud Consulting agency, we can assure you that AWS is your best option if you are looking forward to secure your information. Whether you come from physical infrastructure or another cloud service provider.

Here on ClickIT Smart Technologies, we have big experience in creating highly secure cloud environments for our customers with very specific needs on privacy and data protection. From that experience, we can say that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the best option for those who are looking a hosting provider that grants the best security measures for keeping their data and sensitive information safe, and in the next blog, we’ll explain why we state so.

What Problems does ClickIT solve?

  • We HELP agencies and enterprises migrate, build and operate web applications on AWS.
  • We HELP grow and scale web applications to have more visitors, customers and leads.
  • We SOLVE the gap between a digital company and Amazon Web Services hosting provider. Everyone love AWS, but who will bring superlative expertise to operate their digital products within AWS?
  • And we HELP cut DevOps and AWS operating expenses due to our affordable implementation costs without compromising quality. What is NearShore Outsourcing?
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