Outsourcing a Remote DevOps team means decreasing costs for at least 50%

Remote DevOps

We coupled Agile practices and DevOps while embracing the advantages of a remote team. I know that having a Remote DevOps Team is a consultancy practice that goes in a different direction compared to the traditional process of consultancy. Even though we have experienced the advantages of it, with all-size companies worldwide, and thought you deserve to know why our team is undoubtedly decided to embody agility through remote service delivery.

A remote DevOps team applies the best of Agile and DevOps practices. In today’s blog, we are not going to define Agile DevOps and DevOps practices, If you want to learn more about those topics, go to previous links 😉.

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Remote DevOps team

Having that clear, it is time to start… 

When an enterprise is working hand-to-hand with a Remote DevOps team, the business’s expenses can considerably decrease by 50% and, as a consequence, help you to save costs. These are some of the business benefits of having a Remote DevOps Team: 

  • Skilled Experts
  • Cost-effective
  • DevOps Security
  • Long-term relationship
  • Team Collaboration

Skilled Engineers Availability

We like to hire the best out of the best engineers on the cloud. Working with a remote DevOps team implies your enterprise working with the most prepared people on the field, regardless of their location, at the time of saving traveling costs. With remote delivery, we ensure you’ll have the most professional engineers working on your site. Even if the project takes a twist, a remote team can move people in and out of it depending on the new skills required.

It is crucial for a business to find the right talent. Remote work on DevOps exponentially increases worker productivity more efficiently. A benefit for both, employers and employees; It helps to lower stress and distractions, leading work to higher efficiency on the cloud world.

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Remote work at the right time

Let’s talk about work time and availability; companies need a remote team in the same time zone, a nearshore team to be outsourced. There’s no need to be in the same office, city, or even country, to find the best skills on the market. When it is about outsourcing a Remote DevOps team, make sure you are not working with an offshore (different country, different time zone). 

Same time zone offers employees the agility to work as efficiently as it is required, delivering projects on previously agreed time and date. A DevOps team in the same time zone is more productive, and every organization deserves to obtain the best out of it.


We are a nearshore remote team mainly focus on the quality of delivery, skills, and expertise. We are decided that companies should pay for skills and not for traveling costs. Skipping those downtimes that inevitably occur while traveling means that the remote team can focus more time and efforts on the enterprise, on every goal, and ensuring every task will be delivered on time. 

Outsourcing a remote DevOps team means to produce the exact same service and reduce costs much more than what was initially expected. And when I am talking about saving costs, I refer to at least half of it, 50% of saved costs. While outsourcing a DevOps company in the USA will cost you around 90 – 120USD, with us it’ll be 45 – 60 USD. 

DevOps Security

Companies are continuously worried about the need for a consultant working onsite, and we understand, security is a common concern when talking about remote teams. The thing is that we work with modern cloud environments ensuring safety from the foundation of each project until delivery. We like to build secure and agile environments for our customer and their own.

Talking about information security, we protect your information and information systems from unauthorized access, disruption, modification, or destruction. In addition, every employee in ClickIT is committed to working with the most ethical values. The access like a remote team is limited to happen as a restricted user, where we are able to work only on the tasks we are related to and not with complete access over the server and cloud services. Furthermore, we ensure our customers will have a secure amount of data, completely encrypted on AWS. 

Long-term Relationship

Specific businesses deserve defined goals and a long-lasting relationship; that’s why our remote team provides a specification of predefined goals to customers. Outsourcing a remote service delivery implies the team will support Agile and DevOps Best practices and will work hand-in-hand with customers to manage and operate their AWS DevOps Infrastructure. 

A delivery DeVOps team is like an extension of your organization. The culture in ClickIT is based on dynamism, and we are aware that our clients have their own work culture, so we are flexible to integrates our culture to theirs. We like to operate with a work-culture integration, highlighting the importance of communication between teams. Moreover, our team of engineers is in continuous learning of new technologies and cloud services, to deliver the best support to each client on the short- and long-term. This can be achieved remotely with the help of eLearning platforms.

DevOps Outsourcing

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration is on the rise with us! ClickIT is always looking for the best tools to communicate and collaborate with clients. We like to maintain the channel of communication open and available to have real-time meetings and updates over projects. For messaging, videocalls and management tasks, we are able to use any app or tool, such as slack, Microsoft teams, Zoom, Teamwork, Skype, Hangouts, JIRA, Trello, Asana, or any other that the client decides. 

To sum up about Remote DevOps

A Remote DevOps Team is a multidisciplinary team of specialists working all together on iterations to provide instantaneous feedback, avoid delays and extra costs on the infrastructure and development. Our work-effectiveness derives on the saving costs you’ll have while working with a remote team. Let our team of experts deal with your infrastructure; we are ready to help you grow on the most cost-effective way. 

outsource a remote DevOps team


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