Fintech Cloud Solutions and Challenges | Clickittech


To solve your Fintech Challenges

We know the main challenges that Fintech companies face while developing software, granting high reliability and security to their applications by offering:

  • hexa Better security guidelines
  • hexa Reliable team
  • hexa Highly scalable solutions
  • hexa Tech talent in the cloud
  • hexa Similar time zone collaboration



A service to transform the way Fintechs conduct their businesses with product design and cloud-native development.

  • hexa Serverless API Development
  • hexa Front-end development
  • hexa Back-end development
  • hexa Cloud-Native and SaaS development



Build your high-performance tech team and grow your company with the top 5%  IT Talent in LATAM.

  • hexa Talented and dedicated engineers
  • hexa Cost-effectiveness
  • hexa Similar time zone
  • hexa Cultural affinity



High DevOps maturity is correlated with high release rates and cloud adoption.

  • hexa PCI and SoC2 Compliance
  • hexa DevSecOps
  • hexa Microservice and serverless architecture
  • hexa High availability and scalability
  • hexa CI/CD pipelines

Discovery Call

The perfect time to know each other, whether you need to craft a new Fintech idea or to evaluate an existing one, we are able to help.

Strategic Design

After analyzing your technical needs, our team will prepare a proposal that better fits your Fintech needs. We will determine the number of resources and time to execute the project.


It is time to apply the best practices precisely tailored to your Fintech app goals, solve real financial problems and improve your business experience in the cloud.

Support and Monitoring

Our tech team will monitor and maintain the solution to ensure that it is always fast, secure and reliable.

Discovery Call

The perfect time to know each other, whether you need an extended or a multidisciplinary team, we are able to help.

Technical Screening

After analyzing your technical needs, our team will identify and present the most suitable candidates for your business, so that you can interview and select them based on their expertise and skills.

Onboarding Team

During this time our engineers will successfully integrate into your team, learn internal processes, meet other team members, values and rules.

Ongoing Support

Our tech team will analyze and implement top-level practices and international standards in order to continuously improve processes over your application.


Cloud Development

Our Cloud Development process involves a series of interactions among the development team and members of one or more business units in order to achieve our customer’s  expectations.

We work step-by-step on delivering end-to-end IT Solutions. 



Staff Augmentation

Our Staff Augmentation process is based on providing our top Tech Talent for companies that are willing to extend their Development or DevOps team. 

From the beginning of any project until the end, we make sure that our solutions follow the best development and release practices.


Using your existing tools

We are convinced that teams better understand each other when they are both talking the same language. That’s why we are always up-to-date regarding new services and tools for development and DevOps.

Our team works the way yours does.



We are continuously challenging and improving ourselves. Our Awards and recognitions are just a reflection of our work and commitment on each project. 

We partner the best, and only the best. 

  • hexa More than 1,000 successful AWS Migrations.
  • hexa More than 7 years deploying AWS Services.
  • hexa More than 500 Customers in the U.S.
  • hexa Certified AWS Engineers.
  • hexa More Productivity due to our Nearshore collaboration.



Nearshore Experience

We are a Nearshore Mexican Software Outsourcing company that is fast growing in North America with project experiences working with Inc 500 companies. We have helped companies to save more than 40% on costs. We offer you:

  • hexa Cultural Affinity
  • hexa Reliable Engineers
  • hexa Similar Timezone
  • hexa Same In-house skills