AWS Migration Services
Begin your Digital Transformation moving to the AWS Cloud!
¡Comienza tu transformación digital migrándote a la nube de AWS!
Servicios de Migración de AWS
¡Comienza tu transformación digital migrándote a la nube de AWS!
Servicios de Migración de AWS
¡Comienza tu transformación digital migrándote a la nube de AWS!
Servicios de Migración de AWS
How our AWS Migration Services will HELP you?
¿Cómo te AYUDARÁN nuestros servicios de migración a AWS?
 We help Startups, SMB, and Enterprises to modernize web applications adopting the AWS cloud by re-engineering current infrastructures into highly resilient and cloud-native environments. We embrace cutting-edge AWS Cloud practices including AWS Well-Architected framework,
DevOps Agile  initiatives, and PCI/HIPAA Guidelines. Our AWS migration strategy resolve the gap across all digital agencies, which is the need of having an AWS Partner to achieve the Cloud Transformation

Our AWS migration experts will help you with guidance, mentoring and implementation of the whole process with affordable costs, high quality and Nearshore.

Technical speaking: Our AWS Migration services are incorporated with AWS Auto-Scaling, Continuous delivery, Microservice approach and built-in 12-factor methodology for your cloud-native web application.

migración a la nube
migración a la nube

Nuestros servicios de migración de AWS se incorporan con el escalado automático de AWS, la entrega continua, el enfoque en microservicios y la metodología integrada de 12 factores para su aplicación web nativa.
Awards and recognitions
Premios y Reconocimientos
Why choose ClickIT ?
We are your ideal technology partner. Simple as that. You can find a full spectrum of cloud services in our agency, from Migration to DevOps and Automation, you can count on us to manage your web applications.
  • More than 1000 successful AWS Migrations.
  •  Certified AWS Engineers. 
  •  More Productivity due to our Nearshore collaboration. 
  •  Implemented more than 100 AWS DevOps Projects. 
  •  More than 500 Customers in the U.S. 
  •  More than 7 years deploying AWS services. 
  •  Pioneers and leaders on AWS consultancy.
Our AWS Migration Strategy
Nuestra estrategia de migración de AWS
Program to Migrate to AWS and accelerate your Cloud transformation
Programa para Migrar a AWS y acelerar tu transformación en la Nube
Assessment & Architecture
Cloud Assessment.
AWS Architecture plan.
Migration Strategy.
Build Web Platform
Build AWS.
Migrate application Data.
Transform you cloud-native Application AWS Well-Architected.
Innovation & Automation (DevOps)

Implement deployment process, CI & CD.
AWS Auto Scaling & resiliency
AWS DevOps automation.
Docker and Microservices
AWS Managed Services
Continuous Security Compliance.
Maintain Deployments & releases.
AWS Cost Optimization.
AWS Support.
Evaluación y Arquitectura
Evaluación de la nube.
Plan de arquitectura de AWS.
Estrategia de migración.
Construir Plataforma Web
Construcción de AWS.
Migrar datos de la aplicación.
Transformación de su aplicación nativa en la nube AWS Well-Architected.
Innovación y Automatización (DevOps)

Implementación de procesos de despliegue, CI y CD.
AWS Auto Scaling & resiliency
Automatización DevOps de AWS.
Docker y microservicios
Servicios Administrados de AWS
Cumplimiento continuo de la seguridad.
Mantener implementaciones y lanzamientos.
Optimización de costos de AWS.
AWS Support.
Our AWS DevOps Tools
Nuestras herramientas de AWS DevOps
Drive business innovation with our AWS DevOps tools and top-notch technologies
Nuestros servicios de Migración en la Nube de AWS
Our AWS Cloud Migration Services
Code Deployments
Infrastructure as Code
AWS Consulting
Configuration Management and Automation
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
Docker and Micro Service
Real results on successful companies
Resultados reales en empresas exitosas
I needed a highly available cloud-based solution for an e-commerce and membership website. ClickIT advised me on the best and most cost-effective solution, the team is prompt, communicative and their solutions are top-notch.

Jarrick Anderson
Founder / Digital Strategist
Quick Point Digital
Your All-In-One
 AWS Cloud Technology Partner
Forget about complex AWS cloud migration processes and let our experienced team provide end-to-end consulting, guidance and collaboration to make a risk-free AWS cloud adoption.
Olvídate de los complejos procesos de migración en la nube de AWS y deja que nuestro equipo experimentado proporcione consultoría, orientación y colaboración de extremo a extremo para lograr una adopción de la nube de AWS sin riesgos.
About us
ClickIT Tech is a premium Cloud and DevOps Nearshore Solution Provider helping companies of all sizes in Healthcare, Fintech and MarTech with superior tech solutions focussed on Cloud Migrations, Continuous Delivery, DevSecOps, Micro services and AWS Managed services. 

We are an AWS Partner company of experienced professionals, delivering quality solutions and post delivery support to 1000+ companies on US Soil. We are top skilled in AWS, Google Cloud, DevOps, Development and Cloud Solutions for MarTech Agencies.
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