Through Staff Augmentation

Extra Players To Enhance Your Business Team

A team of IT engineers that works as an extension of your local team, collaborating hand-in-hand in your daily meetings and reporting to your management team.

Staff Augmentation with matched engineers based on your hiring requirements. We count with “A” players fittable to your business needs.  

Candidates at ClickIT have passed all the needed programming tests & technical assessments in order to provide our customers a unique staffing experience. 

Augmenting your IT staff has never been so easy!


Value Propostition

Our daily collaboration and continuous communication have proofed to thousands of customers our commitment to enhancing their team. Every project deserves the needed expertise and a right-sized team.

Dedicated team

Our staffing services include extending your assets through a dedicated team of engineers.

Multidisciplinary teams

Hire experienced & multidisciplinary engineers who work autonomously and take collective accountability.

Dedicated engineer

You just need one? Integrate a highly qualified engineer in your business team and grow as need.

Skilled Engineers

It is crucial for a business to find the right talent to enhance a business in the IT world.

Cultural Affinity

Cultural alignment for a smoother working environment & mutual understanding.

Similar time zone

Located in Mexico, our team guarantees to accomplish the required time schedule.

Resources Availability

We count with a pool of pre-evaluated engineers, available for your next project.

Live Collaboration

Daily collaboration increases productivity and provides fewer communication gaps.


Save 50% of total costs with a nearshore team while improving profitability

Augment Your IT Staff!

From startups to Fortune 500, all-sized companies have tried our IT staff augmentation services and decided to stay. Be part of the unique customer network and augment your IT staff with ClickIT.

How do we select our ‘A’ players talent?

We count with a unique ‘A’ players talent process in order to select pre-vetted and highly qualified developers, which includes the examination of soft skills, written tests and technical interviews.

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Cloud-Native Solutions
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Full Stack Engineers
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Serverless Projects
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Technical Debt

Job Application

A preliminary stage to collect the best engineers from all around the world. We monthly receive 500+ applicants.

HR Interview

HR team conducts a set of interviews with applicants to evaluate the experience, communication & soft skills of each engineer.

Client Evaluation

We present the best candidates to our clients so they can meet the team before the project starts.

Online Test

Applicants receive a set of online tests aligned to their skills and our job opening. 

Technical Interview

Applicants demonstrate their technical skills through a real-time problem solving.

Project Execution

Our A Talent team is ready to go and your project is on its way to a successful completion.

ArcusFicontacted us with the need of transforming its Fintech application into a PCI Compliance in Azure and AWS to connect to VISA API’s and Bank of America.

Rufus Labs required to extend their web development team by adding Javascript developers for the release of new features in their NodeJS + ReactJS + Android-based application named Work Hero.

Brandverge needed a refactor of their AngularJS based application, by migrating it to ReactJS, to improve the overall performance of the application and extend its capabilities for adding new features.