IT Staff Augmentation Services: A way to extend your team

IT Staff Augmentation Services: A way to extend your team

The ever-evolving IT Industry always thrives to innovate, progress and be the first in showing the world the benefits of technology, while companies want to have the best of the best, in regards to employees, to achieve their goals. On this blog, I want to talk about the IT Staff Augmentation services since companies often have several concerns about augmenting their staff with an outsourced company

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Enterprises often think about location as a problem of staff augmentation, but I need to mention, that the best talent is not always in the same city, state or even country where a company resides. And bringing in-house that talent can be more expensive than it seems. That’s why I see an increasing trend in the industry for staff augmentation in the IT sector.

So, let’s begin explaining the concept. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation services? 

IT Staff Augmentation services is an IT strategy that focuses on finding online and hiring remotely the best IT tech staff to help your on-site team.

An IT Staff Augmentation Company helps you by adding skilled engineers to your in-house team on either a short or long-term basis. Engineers are employed directly by the IT Staff Augmentation Company, thus the cost and liability of making new full-time hires are eliminated. That being said, remote engineers hired through a staff augmentation company are dedicated to one project at a time.

What are the benefits of a Staff Augmentation?

The main need that a company has is finding, and adding, the required talent for your company in an easier and faster way. I would say that there’s always an IT Engineer ready, and willing to join your team, with the aim of helping you, and with the exact required skills that your project needs. 

Here are some of the benefits of IT staff augmentation that I’ve seen companies have.

1. Flexibly adapt to business conditions

Unlike other kinds of outsourcing projects, where you leverage most of your tasks or entire projects to an offshore team, the staff augmentation offers you the opportunity to compliment your on-site team with a couple of IT engineers; with the flexibility to add them, and adapt them to your internal team rules, processes,  workflow, and needs with the purpose that you maintain complete control over everything. With Staff Augmentation, you will ensure your project is always delivered on time and form.

2. Most competent candidates

When your company is open to finding the best talent online and works with the staff augmentation model, you’ll have a bigger spectrum of talent. You can find engineers with the same abilities or even better ones to complement your team. You’ll have the freedom to choose the right engineer with the experience and profile to complete your project to finish the remaining modules on your app.  

3. Lower Staffing costs, competitive rates 

A company doesn’t have to plan ahead and do a big investment in seeking a new office or expanding the actual workplace. I’ll recommend maintaining the current location and not worry about space, facilities, new equipment or finding a place to move because of the acquisition of new talent to the team. Besides that, the staff in other locations is cheaper than you may think. According to, the recruited IT staff in other countries is +20% cheaper than the USA, and with the same set of skills as your in-house team.

4. Security

The last benefit, and I’ll say the most important one when you work with external team members, is the security of your project, ensuring that it will be well managed and delivered on time. This new trend is also fully-fledged with the developers, they have the mentality, preparation and abilities to work remotely, to work seamlessly with the in house team to achieve the goals.

The benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

When do you need to augment IT Staff?

Staff Augmentation can be done in any phase of the project, from the planning step, all the way on the execution of it and even after the delivery when you need engineers to keep your software running.

The engineer can help your team in any situation when you scout for new talent to complement your team, add new functionality or replace a member of your team. It’s a seamless and fast process.

The process to make an IT Staff Augmentation 

The process of Staff Augmentation it’s fast and simple. Having the requirements set for a position you want to add to your current team, you can start looking at candidates with those skills. You go through the screening process with the candidates, which are significantly more since you are open to working remotely. From there you sort out the best candidate for you and can proceed with an onboarding process with the best one for you.

IT Staff augmentation in LATAM 

IT Staff Augmentation services in LATAM its an optimal choice for you, and your team for the great benefits you get from it. The talent its top tier, you can find the same quality among on house engineers and nearshore ones on LATAM, or an even better one. The price in the region is 20+% cheaper than engineers from the USA and Europe while having the same quality. No time difference with your in house team. 

hire a nearshore devops team

ClickIT Staff Augmentation

ClickIT provides flexible team augmentation services – whether you need to hire 1 or 20 SysAdmins or want to augment your team with other tech professionals like Front end Devs or DevOps, we can help you.

Your engineers will work full-time on your product development and have no simultaneous projects distracting them. You’ll be the one to manage our engineers, so they’ll feel like part of your core team. In case an issue arises that you or your augmented team need to discuss, an HR/Client manager will help you facilitate the process. 

If you or your company ever had a hard time finding the right Developer, Sys Admin, or DevOps engineer with the right profile or quality on your city, or nearby places to augment your team productivity and complete deadlines, the best option is finding online the top tier talent that your company needs on the same time zone while working remotely.


What are IT Staff Augmentation services?

IT Staff Augmentation services are a strategy for hiring remotely and adding IT talent to an in-house team either on a short or long-term basis to collaborate on projects and reach the company objectives in a cost-effective way.

What are the benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation has many benefits for companies, including the possibility to hire the best IT talent, cost-effectiveness, continuous communication, and live collaboration.

What is an IT Staff Augmentation Company?

An IT Staff Augmentation Company is an enterprise that helps you find and add the talent required to your in-house team. It can provide you highly qualifies and experienced engineers to collaborate on your projects.

What is ClickIT Staff Augmentation model?

ClickIT Staff Augmentation model integrates our engineers into your team to work cooperatively on your projects as part of your company.

How does IT staff augmentation work?

The process of  IT Staff Augmentation is simple, following this process:
-You must have the requirements set for a position you want to add to your tech team.
-Start looking at candidates with those skills. 
-You go through the screening process with the candidates, which is significantly more since  you are open to working remotely.
-From there, you sort out the best candidate for you and can proceed with an onboarding process with the best one for you.


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