Click-Chats Video | Gerardo Lerma

Welcome guys. I’m Gerardo Lerma, DevOps engineer here at ClickIT, and this is my ClickChat.

Describe Yourself in Three Words

I would say I am a creative person, honest, very honest, and a bit spontaneous. 

Favorite Series or Movie

My favorite series. I would say it’s Lord of the Rings. It has a great world, although unfortunately, it doesn’t have the best ending. 

Favorite Musical Genre

I don’t like to pigeonhole myself, but I generally listen to indie rock, although right now, I’m listening to a little bit more alternative stuff like DarkWave.

Favorite Song

My favorite is called The Suburbs, and it’s by Arcade Fire. I can tell you that it’s very nostalgic, in a way, that takes you back to a memory of your childhood. 

What is your Hobby

 I would say that my hobbies are very chill. I’m not a sporty guy, although I have a very healthy one, which is jumping rope mostly to have more energy and a better mood. It’s a bit different rope than the ones I’ve seen, but it has helped me a lot, and I was afraid to jump barefoot because I was afraid of stepping on it because it hurts. And for example, I used to think I couldn’t do more than 20 jumps, and now I think my record is 250, and I feel good about it.

One of my other hobbies is reading, and I wasn’t going to bring all my books, so I brought a Kindle; I’ve had it for a while now, honestly, for about three or four years. What a nice case of Van Gogh’s Starry night, isn’t it?

My favorite book is a saga. Let me tell you, it’s called The Circle saga, and you can read it in any order You can start with two, three, or four, but you must go clockwise.

I’ve always been a fan of video games, and I had been told that it would be challenging; at first, I wasn’t really into it, and it despaired me a lot. More than anything, when you fail, it’s because of yourself. So, in a way, it taught me a lot about dedication and not giving up, even though you get frustrated very often, and when you reach your goal, for example, defeating a boss or going to the next level. It feels like a little fire in my belly, which has helped me more than anything to improve my patience.

Place in the World you Would Like to Visit.

I used to want to go to Japan a lot, but now I’m interested in Ireland or Iceland, mainly because of the beautiful shots we’ll see in the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

Which Emoji Represents You

The emoji that represents me. I would say it’s the sad kitty with the little tear 😿. Because it’s sad, and sadness is something that represents me in a good way.


Ok, guys, that was all. Thank you very much for watching my video, and I invite you to be part of the company. The truth is ClickIT has a culture that I’ve fallen in love with throughout this year, and it has taught me many things, so I hope to see you guys around here soon. And subscribe to the channel.

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