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W H A T   I S   D E V O P S ?

Automate your company's processes

Agile DevOps is an IT practice born with the cloud where the development and operation team collaborate to automate infrastructure, increase IT agility and accelerate development life cycle. This Agile methodology was designed to improve the web development product focusing on the premise that everything should be automated by adapting the infrastructure to the ecosystem and improving the development workflow.

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Ensure agile delivery to transform your application.

Implementing DevOps principles enable businesses to reduce time to market since all the infrastructure is automated and new environments are pre-configured. In this way, the code deployment and releases would take less time; the flexibility to scale and reduce your infrastructure achieves more availability and settle fewer points of failures.

DevOps Consulting Services:

Code Deployments

Code Deployments

“One Click Deployments" and code rollbacks to reduce wait times for developers and increase speed to production. e.g. Bash/Python scripting, Jenkins, AWS Code deploy.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Streamline your Build and release process with Continuous Integration, Testing, and Delivery. e.g. Jenkins, circleCi or AWS Code Deploy.

Docker and Micro Service Integration

Docker and Micro Service Integration

Standardize your development, staging and production environments. e.g. Docker, Docker Swarm, Compose, Kubernetes, Vagrant and AWS ECS.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

All infrastructure is located in a code repository, achieving Automation with pre-configured environments and minimal maintenance. e.g. Docker, AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Terraform.

AWS Consulting

AWS Consulting

As an AWS Partners, we can help you grow your startup or Digital Business with our AWS Best Practices. e.g. AWS Auto Scaling, Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, AWS VPC, Lambda and RDS.

Configuration Management and Automation.

Configuration Management and Automation.

Configuration management across VMs and servers for server updates, security patches, and Agile DevOps. e.g. Ansible, Hashicorp Terraform, Chef, Puppet and AWS Opsworks.

O U R   E X P E R T I S E

Agile DevOps Workflow

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D E V O P S   B E N E F I T S

Advantages of integrating AWS DevOps to your company

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Delivery new code faster

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Deploy to production

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Less time restoring service failure

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Decrease in outages and downtimes

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Reduces development costs

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Speed to market

Since we are in Mexico, we are very competitive. Have you imagined NearShore/Outsourcing your DevOps with same Timezone, Cost-Quality, and similar culture? No more daily collaborations on evenings or at odd hours!


Alfonso Valdés

Founder and CTO

Why us?

ClickIT born in the cloud, being an Amazon Partner, we architect redundant and resilient AWS environments, implemented more CI/CD pipelines than any TEAM in Latin America and Automated complex cloud infrastructures under very challenging conditions. We breathe and love Open Source tools, build Automated environments and Cloud strategies with tools such as Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins and AWS Beanstalk (and much more)


Dylan FeltusThe ClickIT team is excellent in what it does... They keep us on the AWS platform EC2,S3 and CloudFront CDN. We will definitely hire them in the future!
Dylan Feltus
Motivapp Director
Karl ThewAlfonso and his team are very good at setting up servers for a website. They know about the subject and above all, professionals. I recommend them for any kind of work on servers.
Karl Thew
Brisbane Director
Josh MeyerClickIT the best team of system administrators I've ever used. They are very good in their field, specialized and responsible. I'm very glad to work with them.
Josh Meyer
Capital Engines Director

Download our AWS DevOps Case Study

Check how ClickIT helped grow Boatsetter.com towards an Agile and Automated environment reducing Downtimes, Time to Market and AWS Costs.

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We architect solutions using the latest DevOps tools and technologies to automate your processes.