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ClickIT launched its first AWS Webinar

AWS Webinar

ClickIT launched its first AWS Webinar “Transform Your Enterprise with the AWS Cloud”. This webinar provided a complete introduction to the world of the cloud, with a free and online streaming. It happened this 1st. of June.

In this Webinar the audience had the opportunity to interact with exhibitors experts in the AWS cloud, who were available to clarify their doubts.

The webinar last an hour and a half and It discussed topics of interest to any company, such as:

  • Benefits of the AWS cloud.
  • AWS cloud services.
  • Implications of migrating systems.
  • Free migration tools.
  • Costs in the cloud vs. physical servers.
  • AWS cloud costs.
  • Types of applications in the cloud.
  • Types of industries in the cloud.
  • Types of architectures in the cloud.

The implementation of the cloud in your company or business can give you multiple benefits, that’s why we always try to make the things simpler to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your business processes by partnering with ClickIT.

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