Moving Traditional Enterprise To The Cloud

Moving Traditional Enterprise To The Cloud

To cloud or not to cloud?

These days, this is the most typical question on the mind of the IT departments, there is a lot of publicity around the “cloud” and how many companies are using cloud technologies. If you work in IT you should put your faith in the cloud, there are a million reasons to take advantage of the impact and benefits of cloud networking. Nowadays companies are generating and storing more data in the cloud, and in general, cloud services cost less, while companies are: simultaneously improving productivity. What are you waiting for?

Benefits of cloud networking:

1. Security

Do not fear , this is usually the top fear by IT managers when they are considering any cloud service. They are concerned. There are numerous security issues for cloud networking as it encompasses many technologies including networks, databases, operating systems, virtualization, resource scheduling, transaction management, load balancing, concurrency control and memory management. Therefore, security issues for many of these systems and technologies are applicable to cloud networking.

2. Access

Cloud Services can provide an immediate access to business solutions, for example: IT applications, hardware resources, and services. Any device can access it with Internet capability at any time and anywhere.

3. Productivity

We must improve our company productivity to stay competitive, no matter the size of your business, by using cloud networking, the IT staff can be offloaded to focus on other tasks, higher productivity and efficiency gains.

4. Lower Cost

Cloud is inexpensive. You have the ability to choose from an extensive set of services for any business need. Cloud networking is going to reduce drastically the fixed costs.

5. High Availability

Cloud services can offer data storage typically provide either guarantee around a high availability of that data. Companies have to look for ensuring high availability of data, where cloud providers achieve this by keeping multiple copies of the data. Where the cloud customer has a requirement to delete data, cloud-based storage may be inappropriate for that data at all points in its lifecycle.

6. Speed

Speed is essential in the world and one of the most important characteristics for a company, such differentiators correlate to speed of execution for which I provide a few examples below:

    • Virtual resources adapt more easily to business objectives requirements.
    • Rapid expansion of bandwidth speed as needed.
    • Access to solid-state drive (SSD) technology on-demand enhances application speed.
    • No red tape—cloud effortlessly adapts to technology landscape changes.

7. Fast Deployment

This is one of IT department favorites advantages, cloud networking is faster development instead of purchasing and installing expensive upgrades and your own networking equipment. As you can see, cloud networking has tremendous benefits, reduces operating costs, at the same time it’s a great deal of innovation and economic growth.

So the question is, to cloud or not to cloud? If you decide that your company is ready to take the next step and to join to the cloud then you can ask us everything about Cloud Computing service. Here at ClickIT we function as a partner of AWS and we can provide you the best service always according to your company’s needs.  Contact Us Now!”

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