Amazon Aurora Database Service

Amazon Aurora Database Service

At this time, information management has become crucial when using and delivering websites/apps; this is why interests on counting with a quick-response, high-performance and high-capability database has increased among IT service providers.We like to be aware of these tendencies, that’s why for managing your database we highly recommend Amazon Aurora.

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We have developed special and exceptional qualified capabilities, to offer our customers the best database services which allow them to enhance their information approach and involve them into a modern and cost-effective business model.

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible and fully managed relational database engine that combines the speed, availability, and security of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases.

Some benefits of Amazon Aurora are…

  • It’s a fully managed database service where its tasks -like hardware provisioning, software patching, setup, configuration, monitoring, and backup- are completely automated.
  • amazon aurora provides high durability and fault tolerance of data across multiple data centers.
  • High scalability with no performance or availability impact.
  • It counts with automatic, incremental and continuous backups with no impact on database performance.
  • It is highly secure and allows you to encrypt databases using keys that you create and control through AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS).

Some considerations before opting to move into Aurora:

1. You need to evaluate your app’s/database’s features to determine whether or not it fits with Aurora.

2. It’s necessary to test the database performance for time and the sensitive workloads by running your queries directly on Aurora.

3. It’s considered a good practice to determine the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for your application/database.

4. It is important to estimate the amount of code and schema changes that you need to perform while migrating your db to Amazon Aurora.

5. You should consider the impact of the migration process on your application and business processes before starting with migrations.

(Cheat Code: Here on ClickIT Smart Technologies we can help you to perform this analysis).

How can ClickIT help me to move into Amazon Aurora?

If you are thinking to move your applications or/and db into Amazon Aurora, the migration methodology of ClickIT is your best option. It is the most reliable and secure option for accomplishing your goal. We are committed to providing our customers a controlled and transparent migration process for their needs, following the phases recommended by Amazon:

ClickIT Amazon Aurora process

Discover our highly developed experience on:

  • Performing homogeneous migrations; which implies moving MySQL compliant db into Amazon Aurora.
  • Performing heterogeneous migrations; which implies moving non-MySQL compliant db into Amazon Aurora.
  • Integrating partitioned or sharded databases into single Aurora databases.
  • Migrating RDS snapshots into Aurora.
  • Migrating complete db schemas into Aurora.

If you have questions about Amazon Web Services, check our blog and discover Why to choose AWS Cloud for your company, we recommend you read it and also download our case study of MotivApp.

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