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At ClickIT, we are experts when it comes to DevOps, so you can find the perfect DevOps engineer job and transform your career. As you may know, DevOps goes beyond Docker and CI/CD, and it is our duty to develop our DevOps engineers by covering all areas.

Our team of engineers has extensive experience modernizing all types of applications through Infrastructure as Code, Serverless technology, High Scalability, Automatic Provisioning, and Compliance with high-security standards, such as SOC2 and PCI; all of it have made their profiles the most competitive in the market.

We want to introduce you to Juan Carlos Sleiman, a DevOps leader who started and has developed his career as a DevOps engineer with us. Through this testimonial, Juan Carlos tells us about his DevOps engineer job at ClickIT. 

Hello, I am Sleiman, from Torreon, Mexico. I am currently working as a DevOps leader here at ClickIT. Before joining ClickIT, I had zero knowledge of what it was to be a DevOps engineer or the DevOps area; these concepts were way new to me.  But as I started working here, I realized that infinite tools and technologies exist. I would never have imagined myself doing as many things as I do now.

ClickIT Culture and Career Plan

I honestly see the ClickIT family as a great team where we are all constantly helping each other; there will always be someone to help you with whatever you need. 

What I would stand out from ClickIT is that I have seen other companies more focused on ending the project fast. And then, move on to the next one, and as long as the customer is happy, it’s enough. 

Here at ClickIT, I feel that it is different because first, they focus on us, on all the people who are collaborating in the company. You can tell by how they support us constantly; this encourages our willingness to keep collaborating as Clickers.

ClickIT also takes care of our wellness through nutrition and therapy plans, which helps us focus on our personal life in the best way.

Confidence stands out in the ClickIT team since we lead challenging and innovative projects where we deliver proposals and suggestions to our clients.

I am currently the leader of the DevOps area; I support my team by keeping track of their projects and with guidance in improving them. Also, I have had many opportunities, such as presenting conferences and taking internal and external courses. This has motivated me to keep doing all these activities with ClickIT. 

One of the tools or concepts I have kept my eye on is everything about Containers, such as Docker and Orchestration with Kubernetes. And lately, the most interesting concept that helps us a lot as DevOps engineers is Infrastructure as Code since it allows us to automate our daily processes. I’ve found a lot of potential in these different tools, which has helped me boost my career. 

I will keep choosing ClickIT because professional development is exponential. I believe there is no other company where I could grow as much as I am doing at ClickIT, and I’m sure I will continue to do so.

The culture of ClickIT is unique in the technology field. We have really cool activities and events that make our communication and integration very special.

If I had to describe my experience as a Clicker in one phrase, It would be “Continuous learning and teamwork are the keys to success.”


I want to invite all of you to reach out to ClickIT if you want to develop your career as a DevOps engineer. Here you will definitely boost your engineering career.

If you are ready to become the next Clicker, go to our careers site, where you will discover all the DevOps engineer jobs we have for you and more.

We want to meet you! Transform your career with us.

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