How to install VestaCP on AWS (2018 Edition)


Vesta Control Panel (VestaCP) is one of the best options for sites and websites management. It is useful for every user who doesn’t know about technical configurations, because of its easy and friendly interface and because it’s free. VestaCP has an engine of secure files where every user can make independent backups for the site, allowing you to migrate users and websites in a simpler and faster way. Its support and documentation are good, plus they have a forum to answer any doubt you have.

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to install VestaCP on AWS, the only necessary thing is an instance EC2 with an AMI of Ubuntu 16 (it is important to make it in a neat instance). It can be forced if necessary but is not recommendable because it will complicate the installation, overwriting the files and directories.


  1. Go to the official page of Vesta
  2. On install, download the installation script.
  3. On advanced install settings, select the applications you want to add in the configuration.
  4. Once you have done the previous step, click on the button generate install command.
  5. Copy and paste the command in the terminal, into the directory where you download the script.
  6. Select the file and run it, this will take 15 minutes maximum (depending on the number of applications you have selected, the time the installation would take).
  7. In the end, it will show you a screen with user and password to log you in through the web navigator.
  8. For advanced configuration of the panel:
  • The recommended option for the web server is Nginx + Apache, in this way the panel will work faster.
  • For the database, choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • As FTP server, the application vsftpd could be your best option because of its lightness and use facility.
  • For email, is required to have the mail servers, EXIM y Dovecot.
  • For antivirus choose ClamAV and SpamAssassin to protect from spam. They can be installed and will provide more protection for the site as firewall IPTables + Fail2Ban to the site, but the installation load will increase significantly.


  • It is a free Control Panel which allows you to manage websites, users, files, databases, and emails.
  • It is compatible with SSL certificates.
  • It let you configure/ personalize as desired since it is designed in PHP.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is continuously updated.

VestaCP is a good option for users without technical knowledge and System Administrators since the panel offers detailed graphics about the server state. These graphics are very useful to keep the system stable, to solve common issues at any time or to manage your services. The information that VestaCP offers is CPU load, RAM memory, bandwidth, connections made to Nginx or Apache, emails sent and connections to MySQL, FTP, and SSH.

If the characteristics and functionalities of VestaCP are not what you need for your production environment, then I recommend you to read our blog about Ajenti. ClickIT is always your best option when it is about IT services. Contact us for any doubt or job you have.


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