How to install ajenti control panel on AWS

How to install ajenti control panel on AWS

Ajenti is a control panel of a system administration, the one we are going to use to administrate and configure short tasks in our AWS instance. This is a light tool, with an intuitive interface and with a responsive design.

In this blog, we’re going to learn how to install an administration panel and how to monitor basic actions. You should take in consideration having basic knowledge about Linux environment. The control panel we’re going to use is Ajenti, because of its easy and manageable interface.

Ajenti installation for systems based on Debian:

1) Download the repository.

sudo wget -0- | sudo apt-key add -

2) Add the repository to the sources.list.

echo "deb main main debian" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

3) Update the repositories that you previously download.

sudo apt-get update

4) Install Ajenti.

sudo apt-get install ajenti

Once it is installed, you can access into Ajenti’s panel by writing: o https://ip_servidor:8000. If the installation is local, use: https://localhost:8000.

The used user to access the panel is “root” and the password is “admin”. When you already enter in Ajenti, you can modify the second one in the password section.

Ajenti 1

When you enter the user and password, you’ll be able to see the Ajenti’s panel.

Ajenti 2

Wait until the installation is over and take a look into Ajenti!

Quick view.


The first option in the menu of Ajenti is the Dashboard. In this section you’ll be able to perform some basic functions; like how to reset, turn off and suspend your instance. Also, we can monitor the utilization of CPU and their cores; the time which the instance has been working since the last time it was turned off; and the use of RAM memory and Swap. We can also add another complement as an external hard drive and network use monitoring, among others. These options can be added by clicking on the “ADD WIDGET” button.

Ajenti 3

Upload files

If you want to upload a file, go to the “Tools” section, “File manager”, “Upload File” and click “Choose File”. Pick the file you want to upload, it could be from an external or local supply, the file would be uploaded to the directory location of the File Manager. Any file you upload through File Manager would change into 666(rw-rw-rw); the group and user would be “root”.

Ajenti 4

Services administration

In the section of “Software”, “Services” you can quickly and easily manage the services. You can start, reset, stop and see which of them is active.

Ajenti 5

In this same section, you can configure and access to some fundamental services like Nginx, Apache2, and MYSQL.

Ajenti’s benefits

  • Light and easy to install.
  • Intuitive and responsive interface.
  • Efficient for people who don’t have an advanced knowledge in systems based in Linux.
  • It consumes few Hardware resources in a long-term.
  • Access the Linux terminal from the panel.
  • It is free, except for the plugins.
  • The principles tasks are easy and quick to configure, like: a cron programmation, service administration, Virtualhost administration and Nginx, Apache2, MySQL configuration.


  • Ajenti must be reset every time you make a fundamental change in the system.
  • It has basic functions… It doesn’t take in consideration advanced functions for Sysadmins like hosts creation with “documentroot” and management with different versions of PHP.
  • In recent versions, there’s no option to configure a mail server.
  • Technical support isn’t free.

If you’re a user with average knowledge and you don’t feel comfortable using the Linux terminal, Ajenti is your best option. Now you’re going to do every step more easily than with commands, it would be through buttons and clicks. For example, instead of writing restart in the Nginx terminal service, you’d just click the Ajenti’s button to reset.

If the characteristics and functionalities of Ajenti are not what you need for your production environment, then I recommend you to read our blog about VestaCP. Call us for any doubt or job you have. ClickIt is always your best option when it is about IT services.

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