What is a Nearshore Company?

What is a nearshore company? Why should I even think about using the services of a nearshore IT company? These are some questions that you have probably made in the past and you never got a clear answer. In this blog, you’ll learn what nearshore is, how you could best use the services of a nearshore IT company and the advantages you can have when nearshoring IT services.

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What is Nearshore?

Probably, you’ve heard this term many times before, but let’s define it to get out of doubts. Nearshore is the process of delegating tasks, in this case, software development tasks, to an engineer or a nearshore IT team located in a neighboring country that usually has a similar time zone.

For a better understanding of nearshore, let’s give the example of the United States for which Mexico would be the ideal nearshore country to choose due to the closeness among territory and cultural similarity. 

What is a Nearshore Company?

A nearshore company is a business formed by a team of IT experts you can rely on to outsource the IT activities of your company. As an example, software development, DevOps services and dedicated teams are some IT services you can outsource to a nearshore company.

Nearshoring IT services is a way to outsource tasks to a nearby company, culturally and timely aligned.  When outsourcing services to a nearshore company the available pool of IT talent increases and labor cost decreases significantly.

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Benefits of Nearshore IT Company

Better collaboration

A nearshore company collaborates directly with you and this gives you the opportunity to rely on dedicated engineers instead of on systems of helpdesks. 

Outsourcing to a company with a nearshore model offers you the advantage of integrating a team of engineers into your business, who will always be focused on helping your company to achieve its business goals.

Live collaboration and continuous communication are important elements of a nearshore company because of the constant feedback it needs to have with the company that outsources its services. This enables both companies to stay informed of every task that is been doing.


You can depend on a nearshore company to carry out your business projects just as if you have your own in-house engineers!  Like the engineers of your company embrace your company values and goals, the IT experts collaborating with you by Nearshore Outsourcing can adopt your business culture, values and goals. Stay focused on building healthy and long term relationships, and not just on getting new deals or getting new closed tickets.

A nearshore company enables companies to do better work and provide better services to their customers due to the great accountability assumption of the nearshore team, which includes less oversight and handholding.

Cultural alignment

When nearshoring IT services to a country that is close to yours, the cultures of both countries are similar, but is culture an important factor when considering outsourcing? Well, of course! 

Having the same culture or at least, a similar one, results in better communication and interaction between teams, which leads to better quality projects and not just that! Also the members of both teams can have a great time between them.

Time and money savings

Collaborating with a nearshore company helps you save two valuable resources in your company that are time and money because you don’t need to invest in recruiting, hiring and training people. Apart from this, you can have faster problem solving since you’re interacting at the same time with the other team and we can’t forget about the ease of having face-to-face meetings due to the short distances between countries.

Now that you already know the benefits of using the services of a Nearshore Company you may have considered once again the three options you have. Option number one is recruiting and hiring in-house engineers, option number two is hiring an  IT Outsourcing team from another continent, also known as Offshore, and option number three is hiring the services with all the communication, time and cost benefits we already have here. 

But, among the three options mentioned before, why should you even consider using Nearshore? or how could you know if Nearshore is the right option to help you grow your business?

The answers to your questions are simple!

To learn more about a Nearshore Company, read our blog Nearshore Software Development Company: Essential Characteristics

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Conclusion of a Nearshore Company

Using the services of a nearshore company is definitely an option for you if…

You want to grow your IT team faster by bringing more engineers on board, but you just cannot put a lot of effort or time into recruiting, hiring and training them.

You are an executive leader who wants to totally delegate the IT labor to a reliable and accountable team of experts so that you can focus your efforts on growing the business.

You have had bad experiences outsourcing inefficient and costly IT services in the past.

You want to experiment with how a new DevOps or Software Development area would really work in your business, but you don’t want to spend much time on the augmentation process.  

You strongly believe in your culture and values, and you want to share them with others who are open to learning and nurturing your mindset.

Do you identify yourself with one of these situations? Then, it is your time to start collaborating with a nearshore company and be part of our unique customer network

Now you know what a Nearshore Company is, and how nearshore can help your company grow. I want to invite you to join all those partners who are now experiencing the new way of doing IT.

Take the leap, Nearshore is here, and ClickIT is ready to help

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What is a nearshore company?

A nearshore company is a business constructed by a team of IT experts you can rely on to outsource the IT activities of your company. It allows you to delegate your IT projects to a nearshore team located in a country geographically near to yours, helping you avoid problems related to time zone and language.

What is nearshore software development?

Nearshoring refers to a model wherein the outsourced work is delegated to a software development outsourcing company or a freelancing team in a nearby country, enabling you to save time and money. At the same time, you can continue delivering the best solutions to your customers.

What is nearshore and offshore?

Nearshore is the process of delegating tasks, such as software development, to an engineer or a nearshore IT team located in a neighboring country with a similar time zone. On the other hand, offshore will be a team from another country most often in a different time zone; offshore software development companies usually require third parties to delegate work and risk miscommunication.


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