My life at ClickIT | Mario Rosales

In the latest edition of My life at ClickIT, Mario Rosales talks about his experience working as a Senior Project Manager and the things he loves about his work.

My daily basis

It is pretty, pretty simple. I just wake up in the morning and the first thing will be to get my coffee, take a long shower and right after that, I will get my breakfast plus more coffee because yes I’m a coffeeholic. While eating I will check my cell phone for important messages, email notifications, etc. Next, I go to my pandemic, apocalyptic office to start working on my daily routine.

My role at ClickIT

My work consists of managing the Project Life Cycle. I define, I design solutions for the project requirements, so I always work along with the leaders so we can define the better approach for the project.
I love a lot of things in my work, but I think the most exciting one is that I also have the opportunity to learn new things. I’ve been in so many projects, so many clients, so many teams and they all imply different challenges to me. Sometimes it can be a new technology that I don’t know. Some others can be more picky projects that require more attention or more sensitive information that I need to manage. And in some others, on some clients are just close to changes. So the digital transformation is pretty hard instead of being smooth and easy.

Outside the work

During my free time, I love to exercise, I love working out. Not only because it helps me to get a physical benefit but it also mentally speaking, it helps me a lot. It helps me to relieve stress, or whenever I have a bad day, a good training session will always reset me back. So I will get back on track.
I also love photography because you can freeze time through the sight of a lens. And whenever I have the chance to shoot my camera, then I will do it.

The collaboration with my team

The value that I as an engineer or as a person, can add to my clients or to my project is that I will take the project as mine. I work along with the team so they also can get the project as them and yeah, so we can understand it better and we can improve it as well. It’s not just about me but the small pieces that we have put together. We have a team that can succeed together, and that also can fail together. That collaboration, that flexibility, that support is what I want, is what I like to have on a team, so that’s what I offer.

“I don’t really consider myself as an A player, I think that I consider my team as an A player.”

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