My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Josué Anguiano

My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Josué Anguiano

Hello, my name is Josué Anguiano, I’m a Web Developer and these are my first 100 days at ClickIT.

How did you get to know ClickIT?

I met ClickIT when I was in college, they gave several conferences, several workshops that I attended and that was the way I met ClickIT for the first time. I also saw posts on Facebook of events, promotions, anniversaries, new revenue, etc., and that was how I got to know ClickIT.

What caught your attention before joining ClickIT?

What caught my attention was the atmosphere, it is very relaxed, there is a lot of help with questions, learning new things, the work environment among colleagues, teamwork, etc..

What do you currently like most about ClickIT?

What I really like about ClickIT is the facility it gives you to learn the technologies that are currently being used in the development world. I also like the availability of the team and the leaders to help you with any doubts you may have, with any support you may need.

What lessons have you learned during these 100 days?

In these 100 days, I have learned teamwork and how important it is to be available to your team to solve any questions they have to answer and help you in the same way. I have also learned a little more specific technologies in the development area, such as Node.js. I have reinforced the part of React, databases like MongoDB, cloud technologies that are used more in the DevOps area that I did not know but now I know them, that’s what I’ve learned.


Thank you very much for watching the video, I hope you like it, thank you very much to ClickIT for the opportunity that gave me to be part of the company, I hope to continue learning a lot and apply all my knowledge to meet the needs of our customers, thank you very much, see you!

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