My 100 days at ClickIT Video | Eutiquio Cruz

Hello, I’m Eutiquio Cruz. I am Project Manager, and these are my first 100 days at ClickIT

How did you get to know ClickIT?

I met ClickIT through a vacancy offered on LinkedIn. There I saw a little more of what the Project Manager’s position was about, which was focused on IT; that’s why it caught my attention because I had never worked in that field before.

What caught your attention before joining ClickIT?

What most got my attention was that before I started working at ClickIT, I saw many photos they had on Facebook and social media with many people. I did not see any information regarding the services but more about the culture they lived, and it captured my attention a lot because I saw photos of people playing and talking. I wondered: Is that the authentic atmosphere, and what is waiting for me?.

What do you currently like most about ClickIT?

What I like most about ClickIT and what I have realized in these 100 days is that the environment I saw in photos is a reality. When you arrive and talk with your colleagues, they are super cool, and if they see that you are having a problem, they help you, and it is something that I wouldn’t change for anything.

What do you like most about your job at ClickIT?

It really has been a great job in which I have had a wonderful time. In these 100 days, I have learned countless things from the certifications they encourage us to take, such as the AWS certification as Cloud Practitioner. I was joining, and I didn’t even have a week, and they were already providing me with a technical course.

What lessons have you learned during these 100 days?

Project Management methodologies to speak with clients in English, and even though I had the opportunity to speak in English before, I have never been in a business environment where you have to present points and see things. So I think it has been something that has really complimented me a lot as a professional and as a person.


I invite you to enter to the site and search for job opportunities when you apply and join us. You will see that you will not regret it. Thanks for watching this video. See you soon.

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