My 100 days at ClickIT | Carla Paola

In this new video of my 100 days at ClickIT, Carla Paola, our recruiter, tells us what it was like the first image of ClickIT before joining and what she currently enjoys about being part of this great team. Paola has been a fundamental part of the company’s growth; her work is extremely important.

How did you get to know ClickIT?

I met ClickIT on LinkedIn, there I applied directly to an IT Recruiter position and that’s how I met them, I applied, they contacted me directly and I had the opportunity to learn a little more about what was being done in the company.

What caught your attention before joining ClickIT?

What caught my attention the most was definitely the atmosphere that could be noticed in the social networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and others. I had the opportunity to poke around a little bit in the social networks and I could see that it was a very united culture. Everyone was very supportive of each other; I also noticed that all the staff was very young. It was definitely a flexible company where many opportunities could be provided, which was noticeable from the photos, videos, and everything else.

What do you currently like most about ClickIT?

Currently, what I like the most, I enjoy and feel comfortable at ClickIT, is definitely again, the atmosphere that is lived in the company and the support given among employees, between different departments; any questions you have, everyone is willing to help you.

I also like the flexibility that is given in terms of schedules, but what I definitely enjoy most is the support of the leaders and how they support you to keep growing and developing within your position, such as the courses, the certifications that they give you so that you can always continue to motivate yourself and give your 100%.

What lessons have you learned during these 100 days?

I think the most noticeable lessons learned were definitely the part of problem-solving, also the part of the communication was reinforced a lot, always communicate any small detail that before I did not have very present, when I get stuck in something always know that there is the support of others and also the part of the collaboration, I have also reinforced a lot the part of empathy that you can always give a little more.


The truth is that in my first 100 days here, I have felt very happy, very well received by all the collaborators and I am definitely very grateful for the support that was given to me from the onboarding process until now, thank you very much for the opportunity and I hope to leave a mark within ClickIT.

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