Basics of Cloud Computing

Nowadays the use of services in the cloud is a necessity for businesses, it is considered like this for technology, economy and business experts. Having in mind that we are in the in the information age it is highly recommended to use the cloud technologies, in this way your business would be capable of get involve into the market. Some examples of successful companies that had used the cloud services are: Uber, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ebay, Fedex, Zuora, Shopify, Medalia, Lufax and Square. Cloud computing helps companies to reduce costs on infrastructure and also to create new and successful business models. The use of these services grant your company with high potential, and high impact into the users/clients. These services could be the clue actives that your business strategy needs and those who converts your income in an untold one, just like the previous businesses. These companies transform their business plan into a million and billion dollar revenue, just because of the product importance into the business model, the major market range and for the costs reduction. It is important to consider cloud computing as necessary services in our saving business strategy as well if your project is about a startup or a company.

Here is the difference between the cloud kind of services, so If you don’t know which cloud service is the best for you and your company check them. At the end you would be able to select the one that fits your necessities.

We have the Enterprise Servers in the Cloud blog for you, where we explain quickly why migrating to the cloud is good for your company.

a) Public Cloud

These are Internet services that allows user access through computing, storage, software application or under request. The applications stay secure stored in remote Data Centers instead of local ones. Many organizations can use the same base applications and when they are personalized in the delivery point, they protect the application data and stay as private. Some cloud providers offer the access to public cloud services through private secure connexions instead of Internet, providing a well level of service to business clients.

b) Private Cloud.

These are dedicated services that could be in organization Data Center or in a dedicated space of a hosting provider Data Center. These services are not shared as public cloud services. When someone talk about private Clouds it is the same as talking about virtualization and automatization efficiency on an specific client organization service.

c) Hybrid Cloud.

They offer a combination of the two previous kinds of clouds, public and private. They provide more flexibility for those organizations that are looking a data recovery or short periods resource access for applications that are experimenting seasonal outbreaks. They are also available for no-production services like development or testing proofs. The following glossary will teaches you more about Cloud Computing and also helps you define it with simple terminology, that is easy to understand. Cloud Applications: They are software applications that are not loaded in local machines, but they are available through a cloud service. The companies that offer this kind of service are Amazon, Google Cloud and Azure, just to mention few of them. The cost of the first year varies depending on the hosting provider and the hired service. In these kind of services while bigger is the agreement time , bigger will be the saving. For example, if you hire a basic service with Amazon of type EC2 Linux on t1.micro, it will cost $6 dollars by month for 3 years. Also, if you are starting with your business project, you should also get informed about the free year of Amazon. Cloud Storage: It is a service that allows organizations to save data by transferring it to an installation out of the site. Amazon has its principal service “S3” in comparison with the one that Google offers “Google Cloud Storage. The price varies depending on the agreement time and on the unit storage site. IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service is one of the cloud computing services that allows clients to buy resources as servers; storage, software, space in data centers and network equipment as a service. This is instead of buying them as a capital purchase. PaaS: Platform as a Service in an agreement of services through the one the companies buy the computing platform as a service, I mean Operating system and services. SaaS: Software as a Service, it is the delivery of applications based in software and cloud services hosting.

We have talked about the basic things that can be hosted on the cloud and what benefits would the cloud provide to our businesses. We recommend you to read our blog about AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud to choose the right hosting for your company. The Cloud adoption is becoming essential for every business so please don’t hesitate to start planning your cloud approach with ClickIT.

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