Enterprise Servers in the Cloud

Why are the companies migrating into the Cloud?

The cloud adoption has been essential for every business that is looking for an extra in its list. The cloud gives us many benefits like product and services innovation, operational cost minimizing, increase the availability of the services, reduction in the market time, increase the business productivity, security, and scalability, among others.

However, migrate to the cloud is not an easy task and can be complex for any experienced professional. At the same time, it gives an opportunity to plan an entire strategy, redefine and improve business infrastructure.

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A great provider is currently considered as a leader in this business sector, just alike Amazon Web Services, which offers a variety of services, that can be used by any kind of company, business or startup.

In our blog AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud, we give you all the information necessary for you to choose the cloud that best suits the needs of your company.

A service that is really useful features and is Amazon Server Migration Service (SMS), which is ideal for:

  • Replicate thousands of virtual machines with one click.
  • Constantly synchronize data from your virtual machines.
  • Migrations test for critical applications.
  • Enterprise servers in the Cloud – Amazon Server Migration Service (SMS)
  • Migration of the Data Center, which involves thousands of servers.
  • Large scale migrations with significant manual work done by engineers.
  • Migrating multiple systems into one.
  • Migrate production systems without affecting Data.

Obtained benefits

No timeouts or loss

There’s no need to shut down your server, while the service is able to transfer data from your application or business and provide the same servers in the cloud without losing the data.

Control from the administration panel

Fully automatic control from the administration panel, it is based on the configuration of your VM Center.

The cost is minimized by every data transfer

Only 1 time will be charged for creating the image of the entire server, after that, it would be incremental changes, with a reduced price.

Import and deleted from the catalog server of AWS

If your VM Center is constantly changing; for example adding more virtual machines or deleting other, you need to control that you drive on the AWS console.

We already saw how simple it is, but how does it work?

Well, the SMS of Amazon works without installing any agent on the server. It makes replicas of the volumes of our VM, and you save it as an image of Amazon (Amazon AMI) which may already be launched in the Amazon Cloud as an EC2 instance.

The AWS panel management provides every necessary thing for the proper management of your resources, for the servers in the cloud, and for every change you want to program. This could be whether automatically incremental changes updated on virtual machines and/or timetable from time to time.

What operating systems supports?

Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 Windows 7, 8, 10; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) SUSE / SLES, CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Fedora and Debian operating systems based on Linux.

Currently only virtualized with VMware machines are those that can be migrated to this service from Amazon, however, if you have a virtualized environment Hyper-V or wants to migrate your physical servers, migration could be performed manually.

Considerating a cloud approach for your business is critical in these days. If you are a business owner, a manager, CEO, CTO you should start involving and recognizing the cloud benefits that will potentiate your business.

We also recommend reading Why to choose AWS Cloud for your Web Application? where we tell you because is the best option.

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