ClickIT developed an app to create restaurant menus


Client Project

Stellar Menus provides smart QR code menus and AI that radically changes how restaurant owners optimize and present menus, leading to data-driven decisions, higher profits, and happier patrons.

The company’s objective was to develop its first-generation app to usher this technology into the world.



The client’s main problem was creating a scalable and highly available infrastructure to support their application in the cloud, having a continuous delivery system to iterate the development of the application quickly.

Adjust to demand in real-time, scaling servers

Minimize service interruptions to ensure proper operation at all times

Continuous backup creation and backups restore testing

CI/CD process and automatic scaling

The ability of the app to recover from failure


Implemented Service

ClickIT provided Stellar Menus with three developers, a QA tester, and a cloud engineer.

Together, they created multiple ECS clusters for each environment, launching each application component in containerized microservices, meeting the scalability requirement.
Also, they used Terraform and Terraform Cloud to configure the entire infrastructure and migrated from DigitalOcean to AWS.


Technologies we used in this project

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As a result of the changes made, the implementation time of new features in the application was reduced thanks to the CI/CD system, and the availability of the application increased along with scalability.

Additionally, Stellar Menus has attracted more customers and is looking for investors to fund the project’s next phases.