Your online store reliable by using SSL certificates

Your online store reliable by using SSL certificates

SSL Certificates… for what?

First of all, what is an SSL certificate? SSL Certificates are issued by a trusted Certificate Authorities, which offer different types of this according to your website’s needs. They are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (website).

An SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, and user login credentials exchanged during each visit (session).
SSL Certificates also protect your information by keeping it safe as it makes its way through the internet, avoiding other users from tracking, copying or decode it.

This serves as an electronic signature that gives identity and credentials when a secure website is accessed or a transaction that implies offering confidential information is made, such as giving credit card numbers on an e-commerce shop.

By having an SSL certificate you can make your customers trust that their information and the buying process will be safe and secure.An easy way to know if your website currently has SSL protection is by looking at its URL, if it has it, then it would sure have the HTTPS prefix, which means HTTP secure.

Other way is looking in some part of the browser window for an icon with the shape of a padlock, if you click on it will display information about the certificate and the entity that generated it.

Now that you know what SSL certificates are, have you ever thought about the importance of having one in your website?

If you are having a trouble with people buying in your website and also you don’t have a Certificate, your customers have probably dealt with their browser displaying an untrusted error message, and this may have given them lack of confidence on your e-commerce, causing you to lose potential business.

Make sure to look for providers of this service and choose the best option for you. The most time you wait, the more customers that you’d be losing.

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