Welcome Vanguardia to ClickIT’s client list!

Welcome Vanguardia to ClickIT’s client list!

We are pleased to welcome Grupo Vanguardia as a new client of ClickIT Smart Technologies, taking into account the importance of its businesses and the recognition of its newspaper “Periódico Vanguardia” in the main cities of the State such as Saltillo, Torreón, Monclova and Piedras Negras.

Currently Vanguardia uses technologies such as Amazon, Drupal, PHP7, Apache and Varnish. The site does not delay in its loading time, and uses the best web practices to give a good service to its customers.

Did you know that this newspaper has more than 3 million monthly visitors on its website? Can you imagine what it takes to maintain an efficient service for the number of customers that follow them? That’s why they came to us to continue offering and improving this level of quality for their readers.

Grupo Vanguardia is looking for a total change, both in infrastructure and design of its web pages, their sites are vanguardia.com.mx and hoybusco.com.

At ClickIT we feel committed to deliver a work of excellence to Grupo Vanguardia, so we are sure that the result will be better than expected by them, as well as a total satisfaction for both parts of the project.

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