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FGI improved its security with a whole new cloud-based solution


Client Project

FGI was looking for a whole new cloud-based solution that could remove the on-premise barrier they were currently facing. Being a global solution, they needed a secure, high-performance and high scalable solution.

FGI is a New York-based Finances company offering different products to the market, providing high-level solutions to clients across 60 countries. They offer asset-based lending, receivable financing, invoice discounting, credit insurance, foreign exchange, collection, risk protection, and mitigation services.


The real challenge was to modernize the way FGI managed its applications without compromise the final user. But they also wanted to improve the application deployments and their performance.
Being a finance nature company, FGI was worried about managing its sensitive information outside of the Cloud.

The need for a new bulletproof infrastructure that will meet the top requirements for FGI, including performance, security, and innovation.

Divide all infrastructure components and implement microservices-based solutions using ECS and Docker.

Implement best practices and compliance requirements to avoid security gaps.

decrease the time that the app needed to deploy through all different phases of the workflow.


Implemented Service

ClickIT put security as one of its top priorities, and it used managed services from AWS to make it bulletproof. Apart from this, ClickIT used AWS Guard Duty and CloudTrail, Cloudwatch and Session Manager to limit the users and keep the threats out of the environments. Also, Terraform was used to provide new environments with these resources to secure all of the environments at the same levels.

Technologies we used in this project



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ClickIT services helped the development team deliver faster and improve their CI/CD and its process. Also, FGI improved its client satisfaction due to better performance.