INCmty 2016 Experience

ClickIT at INCMty. This past 19th of November the CEO of CLickIT Smart Technologies, Alfonso Valdés, gave a conference for startups. The conference had the name “Create your startup with AWS and Google Cloud” and it was about explaining the audience how to create their own startup in the cloud.

Alfonso mentioned the necessary elements to create or migrate (depending on the case) their startup to the Cloud, as well as the technologies and the services that are going to be the most useful ones for the users during the process. A topic of great interest that was mentioned during the conference was to select the best hosting provider. Afonso said the best options for users are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google.

Just about the end of the conference, he presented to the audience the necessary steps to make millions of users scale, followed by a question-and-answer session, where it was clearly the interest of the public to get involve with the cloud and the multiple facilities it provides.

During the weekend the ClickIT team made networking with the INCMty assistants. The team helped many startups to boost their business to use Linux, Open source and migrate into the cloud.

The event had a moment of pitching between startups and investors. The number of startups was varied and all of them were very involved with the use of new technologies and apps. Moreover, the conferences were of great interest for the audience as most of them were informative. They stated common and interesting topics for the audience.

It was a great experience to our CEO and team members to be part of this congress. I t was an opportunity to learn new things from many experts on different areas. Here In ClickIT we encourage our team to keep learning and this congress was very helpful for this process.

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