Google Cloud Next 2017

This month Google organized a three-day event call Google Cloud Next 2017, in San Francisco beginning on March 8. On this conference, they talked about the changing form of the Cloud business and technology.

Nowadays, the global cloud market is dominated by Amazon, Azure and Google; during the last week conferences, they talked about some insights from the Google Cloud executives and how the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is perfect and ideal for running big and small business applications. They explained the infrastructure investments that have been implemented on the platform and announced the new features in security, computing, and so many others.

Partners, customers, executives, developers and professionals in the management of the Cloud attended to Google Cloud Next ’17. During this event, they announced the progress and the news that Google is doing in the Cloud world. They also mentioned some of the latest purchases that GCP has made, such as Startup AppBridge, which is a tool that helps and facilitates the migration of content of Google Cloud or Kaggle to G Suite.

Google Cloud Next was divided in three days; in which different themes were explained by various exponents specialized in the central issue of the conference.

During the first day’s exposure, Google Vice President Diane Greene along with other GCP leaders such as Sundar Pichai and Eric Schmidt talked about Google’s visions for the future. The company took advantage of this event to announce some of their progress; One of them was the Security Key Application (SKE) for Google Cloud Platform (GA). This tool allows you to request security keys to use them as a two-step verification factor for enhanced anti-phishing security when accessing a GCP application.

On the second day, more information about Google Cloud products was announced, including new releases for GCP and G Suite. Product and engineering leaders shared roadmaps and the future direction of goods, there were also some demonstrations of exciting products, and they mentioned some of the customers such as Colgate, Disney, Home Depot, eBay and HSBC that talked about how Google Cloud helped them to succeed and compete in the market. By last, they talked about their experiences as users of Google products for businesses.

To conclude the event, the third day was entirely dedicated to Cloud-Native Architectures and Open Source technologies, emphasizing Kubernetes and TensorFlow; they also talked about emerging companies and how they are leveraging the Cloud to build the next wave of innovative products and services.

It’s hard to believe that this was the first Google Cloud program with GCP, G Suite, Chrome, Maps and Education because of the great impact it had on technology society. If you want to know more about the themes and exhibitors that were part of this great event click on the following links:

100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next ’17
Keynote Speakers

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