ClickIT at INCMty 2016

ClickIT, as an IT company helping small and big business to grow in servers aspects, is very glad to communicate all readers the attendance as a conferencist to the most important event about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship: the INCMty 2016.

As you may know, the importance on get innovative and technological ideas is a trend in order to improve businesses, create new ones and to provoke other inspirational ideas. This is what it’s all about in the INCMty event.

This event is the biggest congress of entrepreneurship in Latin America. More than just a congress it is a festival where entrepreneurs can make their business idea come true. It is an event with well known guests and relevant organisms or companies sharing conferences, workshops, panels, speed datings, challenges, pitch sessions and networking opportunities for all the assistants.

This year there will be:

  • More than 600 of activities.
  • More than 200 of mentor sessions.
  • 80 company launches.
  • More than 30 important guests in the entrepreneurs world.

Since 2013 this congress has been a tradition. The recognized university of Tecnológico de Monterrey launched the idea of this big project and now continues with it every year on november. INCMty is the result of the “Instituto de Emprendimiento Eugenio Garza Sada” initiative. The main objective is to support entrepreneurship, the enterprise interaction and the national and international entailment.

The creation of this congress is to generate a unique opportunity to meet talented business people, start a business, create networking, find mentors or investors and to have the opportunity of participating in empresarial contests.
The fact of entrepreneurship culture stimulation in Mexico is one of the most important impacts that INCMty has, since it has the whole concept turned around innovation, startups, technology and business.

More about INCMty 2016

To know more about this event, you can visit their official website. Remember the INCMty is a costly event and you can get your tickets in the page we’ve mentioned before. This event represents a great opportunity for all the people since the convocatory is opened to public in general.
We are very happy to attend this event as a conferencist. Our CTO, Alfonso Valdés, will talk about the “Paradise of Startups with AWS” in order to inform the public about how to create and startup on the cloud with Amazon Web Services and latest open source technologies.

ClickIT will have a full report of the event: About the Alfonso’s conference, the main conferences that we’d assisted and the companies that we’d contacted with because all the knowledge we can acquire from them will be valuable for our company.

inc mty 2016
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