DevOps Questions to Learn in 2020| Podcast

DevOps questions
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In this episode, Guillermo and Mario share the top DevOps questions and talk about all the important facts you need to know about this practice, including its benefits, and the best tools that you need to use. In this episode, they also explain –with a real case– the implementation of DevOps.

Time-Stamped Show Note

[00:15] Welcome to the Cloud Cast Show

[00:40] What are the Top DevOps Questions?

[01:36] How much does it take to implement DevOps in the Cloud?

[02:58] What are the main benefits of DevOps?

[04:01] Which is the best Cloud provider?

[06:14] What are the best DevOps tools?

[10:08] How much money do I need to implement DevOps?

[10:53] How security gets along with DevOps?

[13:06] A real case where DevOps can be used 

[15:340] Start implementing the best DevOps practices!

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