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ClickIT is always focused on delivering our clients the best way to stay up to date on their latest and most relevant information, this via handy mobile applications to display this information. The next example shows how we developed a Native application for iOS and Android to display the client information on real-time brought via API from their part.

Requirements for the Mobile App Development

1) Android Studio.

2) Knowledge of Java, use of libraries and basic knowledge of material design.

3) Android Developer Account.

4) Xcode for Mac.

5) Knowledge cocoapods and swift, also Apple standard app designs.

6) Apple Developer Account.

7) Test devices for both apps.

Android Development

To begin the Development of the Android platform we need enough powerful PC to run Android Studio; the software was the Android Applications are programmed. It is very recommended to have the latest version of Android Studio, so you can program your application on the actual Android Operating System.

For the license is necessary to have an Android Developer Account which can be obtained from the Google Play store for $25Usd, it is a lifetime subscription.

After all of this, it is time, to begin with, the application development process. We need to create the Project and define the packages of the application. This is important because we’re not going to handle any issues if the names are changed.

The next step is to create the mockups and flow of the application. After this is to program all the actions and functions of all the buttons and touch points. All the personalized classes are next to the required actions and controllers for the most specific functions.

With the application running and all the functions programmed then we implement the API, which brought the information to be displayed on the application, this step is done with Volley and HTTP client programs. At this point, the app for Android is done.

iOS Development

The Development on iOS is a bit simpler regarding the required equipment, we need a recent Mac who runs Xcode program. The Xcode updates automatically to the latest version to work with the most recent iOS operating system.

The license of Apple Development can be bought on the App store with $99Usd. It needs to be annually renewed to have your application featured in the store.

Is time to start the application development process. For this, we must have knowledge of the Apple design standards and apply them to the app so it can be published, due to the attention that Apple puts on it.

While creating the Project we need to define since the beginning the packages and permits. Mockups and flows will be defined alongside the buttons. All the personalized classes are next to the required actions and controllers for the most specific functions.

Test Devices

The test devices for this applications should have the latest operating systems on Android and iOS. The testing on iOS is much simpler than Android because of the fewer models that Apple has. On the other hand, Android should be tested on a lot of mobile devices, not only phones, also tablets.

The programming is done on the latest Operating System of the devices, but it also works on few previous versions, so the test spectrum should cover this.

Benefits of the application

1. Native programming benefits on having all the resources of the device.

2. Response time is much faster and much more fluid.

3. An app like this can show you the information in an instant.

4. Filtering of the results from the get-go is simpler for fast decision making.

The Application Development of your business can help you with the improvement of your company into the public. And to have the information by hand, whether it is to filter it or to take decisions, in any case, it would always help you and your company.

If you want a Hybrid mobile app, we tell you all that you must be known to develop it in our blog.

“If you face some problems while making the application development process come to ClickIT. We have a team of developers who can easily face these kind of problems, so, whenever you need it… Contact Us!”

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