Juan José and Luis Chávez share their experience living ClickIT’s organizational values

Organizational values are considered the most important basis for generating an environment of harmony and, therefore, high productivity within an organization. Since values are fundamental for a company, all those who make life in an organization must have absolute clarity of these values and how they can be successfully developed.

For organizational values to have a positive impact within a company, they must be shared and understood by all organization members. Otherwise, they will be just words that will have no evident influence on the company’s results. That’s why Juan José Rodríguez, who works at ClickIT as Vice President of Engineering, and Luis Chávez, Full Stack Developer, tell us about their experience living ClickIT’s organizational values in their day-to-day work. Both have been working for five years in the company and they have worked with different clients and colleagues, every day learning how to live the values in a positive and different way to transmit their ideas to other employees.


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