AWS Summit Experience

This summit in Mexico City was a great opportunity to go deep in the field of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services. The AWS Summit has no comparison to other conferences that talk about the Cloud. ClickIT had the opportunity to assist to this event and what we expected from this event was nothing compared to the real experience.

The main reason for which ClickIT Smart Technologies to consider this event was to learn about newest and latest Amazon technologies. We learned a lot from this event as an enterprise: we reinforced our knowledge on the benefits of Cloud Migrations, we met several companies that could be our partners. During the event we shared feedback with some of them about Amazon’s new technologies, architecture and the benefits of moving to the cloud. Others, are being considered by us to serve as our consultants for future assessments on any of these topics.

The conferences held at the Summit in Mexico were another great reason to assist Most of them were about how many enterprises use AWS applications and how they improve their business thanks to the benefits in terms of saving money with Amazon Web Services.
Some other conferences were about Virtual Datacenter (the basis of VPC and other options of connectivity), the basis of Docker with AWS and about building secure and scalable APIs with Gateway and Lamda. These topics were of special interest to ClickIT and all the staff because of their importance on the services we offer to our clients.

The fact of being in contact with other companies and people interested in AWS as a business was another point of interest in the Summit. We meet new providers of AWS services and very experienced people at Cloud migrations. As IT services providers, we highly recommend this event to all enterprises because, despite of all the knowledge you can acquire, the potential partners you can meet are a huge opportunity. With these alliances you can scale and grow your business, thanks to a formal conversation with other people that you can find in this kind of event.

AWS Summit has the most updated information about the cloud computing environment because Amazon is the highest authority in Cloud Services thanks to the panel of expertise people they have in order to attend clients like us and give us the most efficient solutions and advices to solve our Cloud issues. Therefore, if you are in the field of IT services it would be significant if you take the opportunity to assist.

In conclusion, we can say that this experience was very interesting for ClickIT and all the staff. Each conference and individuals had the same idea: interact with people from the IT field in order to promote and to improve AWS knowledge. We will wait for the next edition of AWS Summit in our country.

aws summit mexico

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