AWS Innovate 2020: A team experience

AWS Innovate 2020: A team experience

The AWS Innovate 2020 is a free online conference that was held on February 19th from 11 am to 3 pm (CST). It was mainly created for those IT professionals willing to increase their AWS knowledge, around the main topics of this edition, that were: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There were more than 20 sessions across six tracks delivered by AWS experts, where the customers had the opportunity to explore key concepts, use cases, and best practices.

And of course, ClickIT team was there to join the event!

ClickIT team organized a meeting where all the Developers and DevOps engineers attended the AWS Innovate 2020 conferences while sharing ideas and having fun together.

The schedule included 5 different sessions:

  1. Getting started with Machine Learning (ML) and improve productivity in a fully integrated development environment.
  2. Meeting security and compliance objectives when using Amazon SageMaker.
  3. Accelerate ML projects and data services from AWS Marketplace.
  4. Machine Learning deployment on AWS: Best practices to decide what, where, and how.
  5. Building Machine Learning workflows with Kubernetes and Amazon SageMaker.

Some of the sessions talked about Amazon SageMaker which is a managed machine learning service. Data scientists and developers use to build predictive and analytical models with their data. However, the datasets used for research may contain sensitive information and that must be protected. That’s why it is very important to meet security when using this tool! I let you here some extra links to continue learning about Kubernetes and some other DevOps tools.

At ClickIT, our aim is to increase our learning in order to provide our clients with better solutions and continuous innovation. For this reason, we took the decision to be part of this event. Thanks to the AWS Innovate 2020, we acquired lots of expertise to assist our clients, and at the same time, we were able to create new insights for our job. In case you want to watch the AWS innovate conferences on-demand.

If you want to continue learning about Amazon services, you can always visit our social media or directly contact us!

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