Welcome Pepper leaf: From Rackspace to AWS Migration.

Welcome Pepper leaf: From Rackspace to AWS Migration.

We are pleased to welcome Pepper leaf as a new client of ClickIT Smart Technologies. Pepper leaf allows its clients to buy fresh and delicious ingredients to prepare exquisite recipes. They buy for you every ingredient you will use on dinner and deliver them straight to your door. This is a success story about Rackspace to AWS migration.

Pepper leaf counts with more than 50, 000 visits, that’s why having an efficient and secure website is a necessity for them. With the purpose of improving the efficiency and security of the web app, Pepperleaf was looking for the best solution to optimize their processes and have a system in which they could rely on.

Living in a normal environment and bare metal was not an option for Pepperleaf, so they had a cloud migration journey from Rackspace to AWS. AWS was their solution, its wide breadth of services enabled them to automate their processes, scale whenever it’s necessary and also maintaining a secure application.

They needed a PaaS provider who could offer them a variety of solutions to solve their clients and application needs. Pepperleaf chose Amazon Web Services over Rackspace due to the benefits they could gain.

Pepperleaf had a business innovation since they gained the ability to serve more customers in a shorter period of time and increased their sales with an efficient and secure system.

The new environment moved to Amazon Web Services works seamlessly and helps them to achieve their goals. They use now some technologies like AWS EC2, AWS ELB, AWS RDS, Amazon Auto Scaling, Amazon Cloudwatch, WordPress, Symfony and PHP. The migration and transfer of the SaaS E-commerce web application was a total success in terms of AWS Hosting Cost reductions, high performance, and availability.

At ClickIT we feel committed to each company for delivering a work of excellence. Your users deserve the best online experience, as well as Pepper leaf’s users, to obtain the best user experience. Forget about the problems of your website through the different open source technologies by outsourcing our Migration experts team.

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