AWS CloudFormation Case Study

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AWS CloudFormation helps you model and provision AWS and third-party resources in your cloud environment.

This allows you to use programming languages to model and provision, secure and automatically, the resources needed for your applications across regions. Reduce time and optimize the deployment of your services without a problem.

The client needed to improve the way code was deployed to the application, so that this process could be done faster and securely across multiple environments. The situation was that even though some essential tools were previously used, such as CodePipeline and CodeBuild, the process was still incomplete and sometimes was stuck making workflow unreliable.Besides this, the fact of applying a change on the CloudFormation stacks had a complicated debugging process to fix the templates when required. Sometimes, the deployment process was stuck or incomplete, and the developer team had problems to define which feature they were testing on the QA environment.

Service Offered

Implementation of AWS CloudFormation as Infrastructure as Code solution

Create a CI/CD pipeline for infrastructure and code

Implementation of AWS ECS for container orchestration

Highlights of the Case

We created a set of nested templates with the aim of improving their update and implementation
We implemented CodePipeline + CodeBuild + CodeDeploy for the CI/CD workflow of the application
We used some custom resources to automate Lambda processes
We used helper scripts to optimize the deployment time of templates and to refine the way in which CloudFormation updates Autoscaling groups
The client has now a cloud-native environment with the use of microservices

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