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Welcome to The Voice of the Customer: Healthcare Edition.

Clickers take great pride in our ability to build strong and respectful relationships with our clients. Our greatest joy comes when such relationships turn into successful projects and products. Every project we get to be a part of is an invaluable learning opportunity, and for it to result in accomplishment only adds to the satisfaction.

Such grand outcomes are only achievable thanks to the commitment ClickIT has to create innovative software development solutions through our values and unwavering teamwork. We hope the work we do reflects such intentions. Nonetheless, we are aware of the everpresent chance to improve; hence we take reasonable care in listening to our client’s comments and recommendations.

The Voice of our Customer is the new video section in which our clients share their experience with ClickIT. They talk about how we met, the characteristics of our joint project, and even their expectation of what’s to come.  

Today we meet Paul Mullen, Vice President at the healthcare company Ultrasound AI. The team of Ultrasound AI has developed a revolutionary technology that aids in the early detection of premature pregnancies.  Do you want to know what ClickIT brought to this remarkable project? Listen to the voice of the customer: Healthcare Edition! Let’s check what Paul had to say!

About Ultrasound AI

As a healthcare company, Ultrasound AI is particularly going after a really big problem that has to do with mothers and premature babies. 

One of the big problems in caring for premature infants is that we don’t always know which babies will be affected. If we can better predict which babies will be premature, we can implement therapies or pre-position moms at hospitals capable of attending to at-risk babies. 

Ultrasound AI aims to provide tests to people worldwide that allow them to identify when babies might come early or on time.

Software Development Evolution with ClickIT’s Nearshore Model

While our founder does the AI work, the joint project with ClickIT is to turn our great idea into a reliable and available product. With ClickIT, we are wrapping the AI with everything necessary: security, login, user interaction design, data quality, etc. 

As I began looking for potential software developers, the leadership quality and values of ClickIT impressed me. That’s when we changed our direction. Instead of going with a different outsourcing company in a different country and part of the world, we decided to work with ClickIT’s team.

Seeing ClickIT’s team bring its culture and quickly wrap its arms around mine has been fun. We are a fun marriage. Good values will beat any carefully constructed strategy. That’s 60% of why we are here and not in another country. 

At the moment, we have eight people from ClickIT. They more than doubled the size of the company. We went from four dedicated employees, plus some advisors, to 12 people, with eight people from ClickIT. 

I came here with high expectations; I still don’t have a reason to lower my expectations.


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