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Custom Software Development

From design to deployment, we deliver unique software solutions that solve your app development and software challenges.

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SaaS App Development

We use our SaaS expertise to build robust, secure, high-quality apps while following leading-edge development practices.

Software development - Serverless Development

Serverless Development

We’ll help you build and deploy a highly scalable serverless app to optimize your processes and get to market faster.

Software development - UX & UI design

Web Design and UI/UX

Create extraordinary experiences for your customers with a user-friendly and responsive website that helps you achieve your business goals.

3 Ways We Support Agile Software Development

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Staff Augmentation

Integrate our engineers with your team to work cooperatively on your projects. Our software developers collaborate as part of your company.

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Dedicated Teams

Our team of dedicated professionals provide custom delivery according to your project requirements and your company’s requirements.

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Project Based Model

Get a custom quote for your project. We’ll tell you what resources are needed, how long it will take, and what technologies you need.

Software Development Teams in North America

Outsource your IT projects to a nearshore team. Avoid delays and ensure a smoother, quicker process.

Nearshoring Benefits:

ClickIT’s Nearshore Framework helps us deliver top-level service which ensures your satisfaction.


Your ideal partner for outsourcing! 

We are a highly qualified team of software developers. We’ve been globally recognized for working with top-notch technologies such as Phyton, React, Node.js, and Laravel, while delivering agile custom software development.

Technologies for software development

BrandVerge needed a refactor of their AngularJS based application and sought to migrate to ReactJS. The goal was to improve the overall performance of the application and extend its capabilities.

RufusLabs wanted to extend their web development team by adding Javascript developers for the release of new features in their NodeJS + ReactJS + Android-based application.

ArcusFi chose ClickIT to improve their security within their AWS environment, servers, and software. They also required Staff Augmentation for their team and some DevOps services to be PCI compliant.

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Marc Devens from BrandVerge speaks about their experience

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DevOps knowledge for everyone

We deliver a variety of nearshore software development services: custom software development, SaaS app development, serverless development, Web design, and UI/UX. Each is dedicated to helping you accomplish your business goals.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing allows you to delegate IT projects to a team that is located near yours. Nearshoring typically reduces problems related to the time zone and language.

Outsourcing to a nearshore IT team saves time and money and helps you deliver the best solutions to your customers.

ClickIT works in three different ways, letting you choose the model that best fits your business needs: 


  1. Staff augmentation. Our software developers work as part of your team.
  2. Dedicated teams. Outsource to a complete team of ClickIT employees.
  3. Project-based work. Hire the resources you need on a project-by-project basis.

Outsourcing your software development puts you in touch with the talent—and the expertise—that your project requires. You’ll reduce costs and save time while optimizing the software development process.

Outsource Your Software Development

We often hear these questions about our nearshore Software Development Services.

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Software development - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Software Development Services does ClickIT offer?

We deliver to our customers a variety of software oursourcing services like Custom software development, SaaS app development, Serverless development and Web design and UI/UX. All of our services are dedicated to helping you accomplish your business goals.

What is Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing?

Nearshore Software Outsourcing is a practice that allows you to delegate your IT projects to a nearshore team that is located in a country geographically near to yours. This means that you won’t have any problems related to the time zone and language. Outsource a nearshore IT team enables you to save time and money while continue delivering the best solutions to your customers.

Which are the Software Development models?

ClickIT offers you different models, among which you can adopt the one that best fits your business needs. Staff augmentation Dedicated teams Project-based model

What are the benefits of Software Development Outsourcing?

Software Development Outsourcing enables companies to outsource their work to the best talent that has the expertise to develop the project required. At the same time, businesses can reduce costs and save time while optimizing the software development process