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Our Clickers Take: Career Development Approach

“Our Clickers’ Take” represents ClickIT’s permanent efforts to nurture company-employee relationships by listening to our collaborators’ opinions via job reviews on Glassdoor. Today, we’ll look into what a Clicker Data Engineer had to say about being part of this inimitable team.

The symbiotic relationship between a company and its employees is quite simple to understand. A company is only as good as the people who make it. Vice versa, employees’ professional growth highly relies on the company’s environment, challenges, and opportunities.

In the current fast-paced tech industry, a good company goes beyond providing a competitive salary. It actively invests in the well-being of its employees, recognizing that a happy and fulfilled workforce drives innovation and success. 

ClickIT is one such company that prioritizes its employees’ overall satisfaction and happiness.

Job reviews Glassdoor
Data Engineer Glassdoor Job Review

Empowering Career Development

To our collaborators, career development is a tangible commitment. As our Clicker data engineer mentioned in his Glassdoor job review, “The support for your career at this company is impressive.”

ClickIT invests in its employees’ evolution by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to advance in their careers. From mentorship programs to professional development initiatives, we help our workforce reach their full potential and achieve their career aspirations.

Everyone on our team has access to fully-covered courses and certifications. Moreover, inner competitions, like the Level-up initiative, reward Clickers for their extracurricular efforts, fostering healthy competition and active participation. 

Cultivating a Thriving Remote Culture

Through his Glassdoor job review, our data engineer acknowledged ClickIT’s efforts in fostering a strong culture in remote work settings. 

With inclusive communication channels, virtual team-building activities, and collaborative platforms, we ensure our employees feel connected and supported, regardless of their location. 

For example, at least once a month, we celebrate an integration activity in which Clickers participate and establish professional relationships. This commitment to remote culture creates a sense of belonging and enhances collaboration among team members.

Comprehensive Healthcare and Wellbeing Program

According to the data engineer Glassdoor job review, ClickIT’s honest preoccupation with its team’s feelings and overall health doesn’t go unnoticed. 

As a responsible IT company, we go above and beyond in prioritizing the health and well-being of our employees. The company offers a robust healthcare program encompassing physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 

Whether it’s access to healthcare professionals or mental health support, we ensure our personnel has the necessary resources to thrive personally and professionally. 

For example, the company’s alliance with mental health tech leaders guarantees accessible psychological and emotional care via an online platform.

Challenging Tasks for Professional Growth

Our data engineer’s job review on Glassdoor mentions that ClickIT embraces growth outside of one’s comfort zone. That’s why we provide our team with challenging tasks and development projects that push their limits and enhance their potential. 

By offering opportunities to tackle complex problems, the corporation fosters an environment where collaborators can continuously learn, develop new skills, and evolve personally and professionally.

ClickIT excellence in all mentioned areas creates an environment where the workforce feels valued, supported, and inspired. The organization’s commitment to its employees sets the stage for growth, enabling them to reach new heights in their careers.

Furthermore, we understand that the experiences and opinions of our Clickers are invaluable. That’s why we created this transparent section, so potential candidates and industry peers gain insights into the experience of working with ClickIT.

Live your professional life to the fullest! Join us! 
Job reviews Glassdoor data engineer.


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