Successful App Development Project: ClickIT & Fletes Lozmar

An app development that meets all requirements

ClickIT’s collaboration with Fletes Lozmar has been one of the continuous challenges and permanent learning. Nonetheless, together, we have completed an app development project that has proven effective and meets all the solicited requirements.

As a leader in Monterrey’s transportation market, the Mexican company needed an app that correctly fulfilled all the legal duties that called for improvement, like stamping fiscal documents and freight bill complement. All this while also facilitating connection with clients so they could timely receive all essential data.

Thoroughly understanding the app development project’s needs was a determinant factor that made ClickIT a perfect fit for this challenge. The group that built the project from the ground consisted of frontend and backend developers. A DevOps engineer, a tech lead, a tester, and a project manager were also part of the team.

Nowadays, with the app up and running, three engineers take care of the app’s maintenance, optimization, and modernization.

The technologies and services chosen were: AWS Cloud, Express, React (for its versatility and flexibility in frontend development), and Node.js (for backend). MongoDB was also in the tech stack, as it’s one of the most accessible databases that supply great, cost-effective resources.

After the first stage, ClickIT delivered a functional MVP that was soon submitted for adjustments. Ultimately, the team replaced it with a business extension required for the app’s approval. Some of the changes concerned the invoices’ format and creation, the client’s priorities, and the app’s functionalities.

Honest Customer Review

Successful App Development Review. 
Fletes Lozmar review of ClickIT's services.
Clutch review of ClickIT’s services.

When reviewing ClickIT’s app development project, Fletes Lozmar acknowledged the team’s ability to deliver the project on time and with an evident willingness to work on any improvements. At all times, the level of the company’s service was top-notch, totally committed to the client and its respective necessities. 

The customer also praised the project manager’s exhibition of a good leadership style, and effective communication with the team throughout the project. Said communication was essential to ensure the resolution of the project’s goal and any unexpected issues that could have arisen. 

ClickIT’s team manifested its high level of commitment to the app development project by providing diverse solutions to integrate requested features. They were equally eager to expand their knowledge regarding any subject that could benefit the final outcome. 

Overall, Fletes Lozmar was highly pleased with ClickIT’s service. It was of high quality, in range with market prices, and always dedicated to meeting the client’s desires. 

The qualities previously mentioned are invaluable in any service provider and have led to a fruitful partnership between ClickIT and Fletes Lozmar.

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