Outsourcing Your IT Department

What is Outsourcing, Pros and Cons of Outsource your IT Department

Now a days there are a lot of enterprises and companies that are subcontracting the personal to a third party company. This process is known as Outsourcing, these companies save a lot of money (Insurance, payments, etc) because they do not need to have in the company’s roster, they just pay to a third party, having a lot of benefits: and raising the productivity, spending less time and saving up to 40%.

Outsourcing can be applied in different departments such as:

  • Information technology related services
  • Human resource related services
  • Healthcare services
  • Financial services
  • Engineering services
  • Web analytic services
  • Content writing
  • Design services
  • Research and analysis services

Benefits of outsourcing

Having a business always requires effort, time, people and organization. You can have success with all that, but there are certain departments that will be missing some things or lack of attention. Don’t think it twice and Go Outsourcing.

Pros of Outsourcing your IT department.

  • Cost Reduction If you are not a big business, it can be costly to hire and train your IT Staff, specially when you are just starting your business and don’t have that demand to keep them producing for you. Outsourcing your IT staff and services allows you to pay only when you need them, saving a lot of money.
  • Greater Range of Expertise – Outsourced IT providers have qualified experts and teams of professionals. They have a diverse range of skills that can handle any situation or task that you want to do, and you can select the best profile for your company. This will ensure all your requirements are filled and met without having the expense and delays that can happen when you hire and train new staff members.
  • Productivity Increases – Some business employees have secondary roles such as IT consultant, that they can develop when needed, But you need them working in their primary roles, administration, financials, etc. This will provide greater benefit to the company. Outsourcing your IT services allows you to get the IT support you need without compromising your productivity.

Cons of Outsourcing your IT department

  • Times – Sometimes outsourcing your staff will be easier and sometimes harder, there are profiles that have everything you’ve ever wanted on your team, but there is a problem! the time zone that they have. Since Outsourcing companies can have teams worldwide time zones can have a difference from 1 hour to 12 hours and this can result into a disadvantage for managing tasks, achieving goals, etc.
  • Quality of work – If you don’t choose your staff correctly from Outsourced IT provider can result into a bad quality of work, it depends on the people that work for you, sometimes they do not feel like being part of the company’s team and they don’t work as they should giving you less than a 100%.
  • Communication–  There are always linguistic challenges that can make tasks more difficult that they should be. The most important part in a business is the communication between the different departments in order to fill their needs and handle all the organization. Since outsourcing is worldwide we recommend you to choose a company that is based in the same country in which you operate, so they can provide you with people with the same language.

Outsourcing an IT Service

Lets give an example: You require a Load balancer Setup for your website or application since its traffic is growing a lot and you are ready to expand your business to all the globe. You don’t want your customers to leave because they leaving will mean a significant loss of revenue.So your requirements are:

  1. Quality
  2. Excelent Support
  3. Budget Friendly
  4. Efficient

So you want a fully capable team of IT administrators to start managing your cloud infrastructure. First you go with the idea of going with a big company in the first world market but after your talk with the sales representative you see that the price will be around $100-$120 an hour, and this task requires like 3-4 hours to get completed, so this would mean 100 (dlls) x4(hours)=$400 this wont be budget friendly.

What if I tell you that here with ClickIT Outsourced Support you receive the same quality of work for 1/3 of the price? The best part would be that you receive excellent work, excellent support, the same service implementation and all this within your budget. All of this with the bests IT experts that  fill your needs and are cheaper than an IT company. That is a benefit of Outsourcing with ClickIT.

Managed outsourced services

If you want to learn more about Outsourcing, or see how it can directly affect your business feel free to contact ClickIT team professionals today. We provide 24/7/365 support services which obviously will adapt to all your needs.  We can meet whatever needs you have when it comes to your information technology. Our Agile Team also includes leading IT experts in application migration in the cloud, web security, web development, IT automation, clustering, scalability and near-shore support. Contact Us Now!”.

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