The benefits of nearshore outsourcing explained by Lynn Browne, co-founder of BrandVerge

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Lynn Browne, the co-Founder of BrandVerge, gives her testimonial of ClickIT and talks about the nearshore outsourcing benefits with the staff augmentation model.

BrandVerge is a matchmaking platform that connects media properties and advertisers to significantly cut the time of the traditional partnership process, increase transparency and creativity, and provide the best experiences for clients.

“I just think it works really well the way that you guys work with clients like we feel Agustin and Vicente are like extensions of our team for sure.”

Lynn Browne, Co-Founder of BrandVerge

ClickIT provided BrandVerge with a dedicated team of Javascript experts through a staff augmentation model which consists on integrate ClickIT software developers to their staff to collaborate as an extension of the company. As part of the project, our engineers performed a migration from AngularJS to ReactJS, following the best practices and standards for coding and enabling the BrandVerge app to be scalable with a much better user experience.

Besides the outstanding results that BrandVerge achieved with the services given, the company also took advantage of ClickIT Nearshore outsourcing benefits.
As the co-founder of BrandVerge says on her testimonial, the company perceives ClickIT engineers as a true extension of their team due to the great communication between them. Apart from this, BrandVerge experienced a better collaboration because of the time zone and cultural similarities between Mexico and the USA.

Your company can also benefit from nearshore outsourcing!
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