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This year was a big one for our YouTube community. We reached over 1100 subscribers on our official channel! We are excited to continue growing, sharing the knowledge of our Clickers and a bit of how’s life in the company. To celebrate the incredible things to come, let’s look into ClickIT top tech videos and cultural ones of 2022.  

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ClickIT | This is us & What we do

ClickIT hosts the talent that provides our clients with the best DevOps and Software Development services. We are multicultural, and our diverse and international environment nurtures talent and launches careers beyond. Creativity and technology are the pillars of our innovative mindset. We are certified, talented, and constantly growing. We are Clickers. Learn more about us and our journey here

Cloud Native Architecture: Principles, Patterns, and AWS Tools

In this top tech video of 2022, our CEO, Alfonso Valdés, tells us all about Cloud-native architecture. How it combines methodologies from Cloud Services, DevOps practices, and Software Development practices; how it can enable you to transform your SaaS application and focus on the features of your product. Find out more about its benefits, patterns, and principles with us. 

Top 10 AWS Services | Latest update

Using AWS services doesn’t need to be scary. You can choose from plenty of available services, but it might be a good idea to begin with them. Let our DevOps Engineer, Sergio, take you on this learning adventure. Join us!

DevOps Security Best Practices: 5 Must-haves for your SaaS app

Making his second appearance on our Tops Tech Videos of 2022 list is ClickIT CEO Alfonso. This time, he told us about the five DevOps Security best practices, an essential component in today’s dynamic cloud environments. Hardening your IT Resources, Public and Private VPC Network, Content Delivery Network, AWS Security, and having a Backup Ecosystem are the top security practices he recommended to deliver software in a secure environment. 

ClickIT 8th Anniversary Party a Top Tech Video of 2022

Clickers always have time to celebrate their accomplishments! In one of our last top videos of 2022, we shared our 8th-anniversary celebration, a special moment where our Clickers got together to commemorate the company’s journey and achievements, recognizing each other’s hard work. We will have many more moments like this to remember as a team. Congratulations, ClickIT!, Congratulations, Clickers!

Top tech videos of 2022. Boost your productivity with our AWS DevOps engineers

ClickIT-Chats | Luis Mata

This year, we start a new video edition called ClickIT-Chats,  where we have a casual conversation with our Clickers, who share a bit about their interests and fun facts about them. That was the case in our chat with Luis, one of our project managers. Luis told us about his favorite movie, his new cycling habit, and why he recommends ClickIT as a great workplace. 

More top tech videos in store

Keep an eye on what’s next to come because our knowledge-sharing adventure is far from over. Next year we will come back with even more tech and cultural videos that we are sure you’ll love. Our Clickers can`t wait for you to see what we have prepared. We’ll keep on learning, sharing, and growing together. 


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