Perfect Rating for ClickIT’s Cloud Infrastructure Service

An “undoubtedly pleasant experience” is how Moneta described ClickIT’s notable Cloud Infrastructure Service. The currently ongoing partnership has delivered prosperous results by creating an infrastructure that meets the PCI requirements Moneta’s platform needs. 

Moneta is a solutions and consultancy company for means of payment, dedicated to simplifying its clients’ business with the most innovative financial services. The firm makes permanent efforts to be known as a leading enterprise in Continuous Availability, Electronic Payment Methods, Digital Transformation, and Transactional Security.

Cloud Infrastructure Service: The Project

During the second semester of 2022, the company sought an ally to help them implement infrastructure in the cloud employing AWS. They wanted to launch a new software product, and the cloud infrastructure services ClickIT offered were more than suitable for their desires. 

Besides our high ratings and positive reviews on multiple platforms, our pricing offer fit their budget and represented a “good value for the cost.” Furthermore, our corporation’s values matched those Moneta aligns with. The road to success was clear; we took it with goals in mind. 

Two DevOps engineers became the main team behind the process. They selected technologies like AWS Organization, AWS EC2, and AWS S3. The engineers also employed Terraform (for infrastructure management and disaster recovery), Terraform Cloud (for workspaces and Terraform resources management), and Bitbucket (to control git versions).

ClickIT’s cloud infrastructure service was positive thanks to the use of AWS RDS Aurora Cluster to create a cluster for the optimized Postgres database. AWS CloudWatch complimented the log management and monitoring metrics for the infrastructure. It also alerted when incidences occurred. 

Other valuable technologies included: AWS Inspector, AWS Config / SecurityHub, AWS GuardDuty, AWS Lambda, ClamAV, and more.

In the end, ClickIT’s engineers delivered a PCI-compliant infrastructure that used the AWS cloud to host its resources. Moreover, it generated enough documentation for security and operational teams to solve requests the PCI audit exposed. The information also helped them prepare for penetration tests and the application’s regular functioning. Our cloud infrastructure service was a success!

ClickIT’s cloud computing service review.

Honest Customer Review

Moneta was pleased to find the permanent willingness to offer the finest possible services in ClickIT’s team of engineers. As the project evolved, the team implemented the requests for configuration changes accordingly to AWS best practices and Moneta’s internal regulations. 

The company always felt safe with the cloud infrastructure service delivered, as it was crafted to support their needs. The “excellent service attitude” of the team proved that they are indeed experts in the field. At all times, “you can support (trust) them to find the best solution.”

Overall, the engagement has been highly successful, and we can take ClickIT’s five-out-of-five excellent new rating to testify to it. One more for the record!

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