Benefits of React JS: Top Reasons to Choose it

Benefits of React JS: Top Reasons to Choose it

React is taking over front-end development since a great number of applications have been developed in this library. The React community is growing each day and more conferences related to just React are planned. At this point, you may wonder, what makes React so awesome that a lot of people are focusing on it? There are a lot of other tools with similar approaches, so, why to choose ReactJS over the others? What are the benefits of React JS? Let’s go deeper into the advantages of React JS! 

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We have been using ReactJS for a while and we can see a good amount of react benefits when using it in our clients’ applications. Obviously, we believe there are a lot of other ways to solve the same problem, but let us explain with a few points why we have got on board this train and why you should too.

What is ReactJs?

React is described, by the same team, as a library to build user interfaces. It is basically a JavaScript library which is built and maintained by Facebook. Yep, you read that right, by Facebook (more about its story below). So, what has made React trending? Well,  React is an efficient and flexible JS library used to build fast, simple, and scalable web apps. 

How is it possible that a simple library has gotten so popular? You may have heard of ReactJS before, seeing a lot of people talking about it, a lot of people using it, and a bunch of products built by this technology. It is not a surprise to say that React has gained a lot of popularity over the few years of its existence and that is gonna be in the eye of everyone for a few more years. React was developed by Facebook on the 29th of May of 2013 to solve internal issues on the Facebook page. But, it ended as an open source so all the world could use the abstractions that this library offers and, –in that way– to make applications richer. 

Now that you’re learning about React, I’d like to recommend you a blog where you can find information about how to Deploy a react app on AWS using Amazon S3 and CloudFront, an effortless step by step process.

A brief story behind ReactJS

ReactJS was developed by Facebook, back in 2013, React was born to solve serious issues at its platform. They then decided to open-source the library, so anyone could benefit from what they have built. Depending on the way you look at it, this could give a lot of people a good feeling of confidence, since we have one of the biggest companies in the world supporting the library.

And, we cannot omit the people who are part of the core team of React. A group of talented developers with a lot of expertise in the world of Javascript and UI. You may like to follow some of them on Twitter: @dan_abramov, @acdlite. The community that is growing at great speed is also filled with a great number of talented developers with different backgrounds.

React Web App

We’re in the 21st century, and the amount of things and information we have to process or work with is sometimes overwhelming. It has become more difficult for enterprises to make the right choice, while the UI/UX for applications has become a great necessity. Here is a hint: If you know how to provide a good experience to your users in a short amount of time, it is most probable that your sales increase daily. If you still don’t know, then keep reading to find the top benefits of React. 

There are 1+ million live websites using React. Among them, you’ll be able to find some market-giants such as Apple, Netflix, and PayPal. If top brands are deciding to turn and start implementing ReactJS, there must be some extraordinary benefits about this library. 

Benefits of ReactJS

1. Easy to learn

2. Usability

3. Build Rich User Interfaces

4. Performance

5. Community

Have you been thinking about using React for your product? Are you a developer that felt attracted to the idea of learning React? Well, regardless of the purpose, I’m sure this blog will help you a lot. It is dedicated to giving an introduction to the benefits of React in a web application, plus mentioning why it has become a developing trend.

Before start talking about the React benefits, I want to remind you that you can outsource your software development tasks to us. You can even embrace our Nearshore framework to get multiple benefits for your company!

If you are interested in hiring a react developer, read our slideshow Skills about a React developer you need to know.

1. Benefits of ReactJS: Easy to Learn

First of all, it’s an easy learning curve, which is actually amazing, if we compared it to other popular front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue. All of those who are in charge of a group of developers, –or even those who are devs– know how hard it is to choose technologies to learn and spend time on. What makes React so good is how well it manages its abstractions so you just take care to describe your interfaces and what you really want. React will take care of “how” to translate our descriptions to actual User Interfaces in the browser.  

2. Benefits of ReactJS: Usability

React makes things easier, and if you have some basic JavaScript knowledge, it won’t be a problem to use React on your web app.

Since React is pure Javascript, there is a very small API to learn. After that, your Javascript skills are what make you a good React developer. There are no barriers, you can become a productive developer in a short amount of time. Is remarkable to know that React Native exists and allows developers who know that React develops apps for mobile devices with pure Javascript.

Don’t forget that in case you need a dedicated engineer to help you with your DevOps tasks, we’re always ready to provide you DevOps assistance any time you need it.

3. Benefits of ReactJS: Build Rich User Interfaces

React is a library for building composable user interfaces. Traditionally, user interfaces in a web application are built using HTML directives, so these dictate the amount of abstraction you are allowed to use. When a specific amount of data in your app changes over time, you traditionally –with Javascript– need to look at data changes and imperatively make changes to the DOM to keep it up-to-date. Normally, when you make a lot of these imperative changes you’ll start noticing how the building of the interfaces becomes messy and tedious.

React has been built to provide a solution for these and other issues. First, it approaches the building of user interfaces differently by breaking them into components. This can make the view easier to extend and maintain. But what React really shines is how to manage data updates (the name may start to make sense now). When one of your components is first initialized React will generate a lightweight representation of your view (what they call Virtual DOM) to then generate the markup and inject it into the document. When your data changes, the render method of the component is called again, then React diff this new representation with the previous one, and generate a minimal set of changes to be applied to the DOM.

4. Benefits of ReactJS: Performance 

Have you ever interacted with a web app so useful but hard to use due to its complicated and slow interactions? One of the things that good apps do aside from offering a useful tool is to provide a good experience to users, so they feel comfortable working with it. To provide such interactions you have to work with the DOM, CSS and Javascript. Depending on the amount of interactions, the DOM can become hard and slow to manipulate, so users will have troubles interacting with the app.

The people at Facebook were facing these kinds of issues, so they developed a solution to maintain all those flashy updates in the visual part of the page without losing performance. Making use of an abstraction known as Virtual DOM (a well-organized data structured to represent the actual DOM tree) they do partial and fast updates to the DOM, and in REAL time. The React API works so well with this abstraction that when you work with React you don’t have to worry about when and how these updates are gonna be made.

I know, React seems to be kind of magical, just don’t forget to consider that using React itself will not result in a highly performant app, it is a must to run periodical audits. There are tons of Software Development companies that can help you to build end-to-end Software Solutions. 

5.Benefits of ReactJS: Community

One of the strongest benefits of choosing React as part of your stack is that you have a strong community behind.

This community has created a lot of tools to compliment React and solve specific use cases you face while developing. Also, React is a technology with a great variety of useful resources to learn. You can find a great amount of Youtube tutorials and some useful blogs to get more in-depth. One example of these great resources you can find is Epic React from Kent C. Dodds. He’s well known in the community and offers a great amount of information that I think you will find pretty useful.

Read our blog Hire React Developer: A Complete Guide for 2022 and learn the skills needed for a React developer and the best time-effective ways to hire the necessary expert. 

Conclusion of benefits of react

There are a lot of benefits of React and reasons why it is a valuable tool for teams right now, but those we have seen are maybe the most important. I honestly like ReactJS for the experience it brings to the users, and how we –as React developers– reach that by doing what is more important. Learning and implementing React in your apps may be a great win, just be careful of don’t overusing it. Remember there is always a place where the technology could not be a good fit.

If you get till this point, let me say that you’ve seen all the benefits of React JS, now, it is up to you to make the decision over React. Here at ClickIT, we help companies and startups to develop a complete platform while implementing React. So feel free to reach us anytime you need something regarding React and some other web development services.  We are glad to help others. 

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