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At ClickIT, we have always known that to provide the best service possible to our clients, we first have to gather the best group of people ready and willing to go above and beyond to complete our goals. We care for each of our Clickers and are always eager to learn from them, so we take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

In this new video edition, we will learn about our Remote Clickers from LATAM. On this occasion, we present one of our DevOps Engineers, Ron Goitia, from Venezuela. Let’s see what he had to say.

Ron is currently working from Argentina, and part of his job is to unify automation processes in the cloud. This way, Ron provides continuous delivery and shortens the development life cycle. On this occasion, he will share his interests, hobbies, and broad experience as part of ClickIT’s team.

My name is Ronald Goitia; I’m from Venezuela and currently living in Buenos Aires. I’ve been working at ClickIT for nine months as a DevOps Engineer. I would describe myself as calm, fun, and focused. My hobbies include camping and traveling to discover new places or meet new people. I enjoy sparsely inhabited areas, as they allow me to relax and recharge my energy.

Professional Development Working Remotely at ClickIT

I enjoy working remotely because I can manage myself how I like the most.  You can start working later or earlier to organize your goals. And, since I love to travel, being able to work anywhere in the world is a great perk. 

I would choose ClickIT to develop my career remotely because it is a modern company. It has very competent clients that help you grow professionally and provide you with the tools you need to feel calm and satisfied.

On a professional level, ClickIT provides me with work tools such as equipment, courses, certifications, and a mentor who helps me with technical questions. For example, a month ago, I got certified as an AWS professional, which helped me a lot. 

Working on a project with ClickIT is a day where you manage your time and goals. Usually, I check my assigned tickets on JIRA, work on deploying applications in ECS, Kubernetes, or any technology we are currently using, and perhaps have a meeting. You handle your goals as the days go by. 

ClickIT has supported me greatly by introducing me to new clients with significant professional challenges once a project is no longer challenging. 

I have met people from different cultures through remote teamwork, such as Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico, and even people from India and the United States. There’s a great effort in creating cultural events that involve us as remote members, too. We recently played the “Loteria” (bingo-like game) and received pretty cool gifts. 


ClickIT is a great technology company, super fun, modern, human, and very professional.

Go to and discover all the opportunities we have for you!

Are you ready to become a part of our team? Contact us! Don’t miss the chance to become a Clicker and your own professional evolution. 

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