Don’t be slow! CDN!

 The best solution for a slow webpage? CDN!

The speed of a website could mean everything for some visitors in your official webpage. Do you really want to take the risk to lose traffic and a possible lead just because your webpage is slow -enough to get away from it-? There’s a lot of practices in the field of IT that can help you optimize the speed of your website. One of them is to use CDN.

Content Delivery Network is a largely distributed system of servers that content data backups placed in several network points (a city, country, the world). This has the intention of maximizing the bandwidth for the clients’ data accessing. Let’s see this with an example of a personal favorite:

Netflix has different ways to access from (webpage and app). In both cases Netflix has all the files in servers. But what would happen if there were just one copy of the movies/series’ files and one-hundred clients from all the country wanted to see the same movie at the same time? The result would be catastrophic because the displaying of the movie would be terribly slow.

With CDN, Netflix has several copies of their movies/series in several server‘s points and so the clients from each state can access to the closest copy file without speed problems to watch something from Netflix. Many of us can thank CDN for that.

With the Netflix idea on mind, let’s list all the benefits of using a CDN provider (for you and for your potential clients):

  • Increased connectivity.
  • Increase in the number of current users.
  • More control of asset delivery.
  • Faster content delivery.
  • Decreased response time delivering information to the user.
  • Decreased network load.

So, there you have it. Our brief introduction to CDN. If you decide you need CDN to optimize your web page or would like to know more about it, give us a call. Being partners with Amazon Web Services, we can provide you this service with Amazon CloudFront, which makes it possible to distribute content to end users with low latency, high speed data transfer and without any minimum usage commitment. Sounds pretty cool, eh?

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