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BrandVerge improved their application performance with a migration from AngularJS to ReactJS


Client Project

BrandVerge needed a refactor of their AngularJS based application by migrating it to ReactJS, to improve the overall performance of the application and extend its capabilities for adding new features.

BrandVerge is a marketplace for Marketing Programs that gives the possibility to buy and sell premium media partners easily. They help marketers to discover new partners and partnership opportunities on demand.



One of the biggest concerns BrandVerge had was that the process for releasing new features used to take a very long time, which compromised their growth plans for the application.

Also, BrandVerge wanted to ensure a top-level UI/UX on mobile and web for end-users, which was one of the reasons why they desired to migrate into Reactjs.

Improve the time for releasing features making use of the best practices

Improve the general distribution and design to become more user-friendly and adapt the frontend to be mobile-friendly.

Improve the application’s speed and load time and optimize the database’s structure and queries for faster data loading.

Integrate ES6, along with StandardJS and ESLint and remove code that was obsolete or duplicated.

Eliminate the downtimes in the application when performing new releases of futures.


Implemented Service

ClickIT provided BrandVerge with a dedicated team of Javascript experts who performed the migration from AngularJS to ReactJS, following the best practices and standards for coding and enabling the app to be scalable with a much better user experience.

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BrandVerge can now take advantage of the wide variety of possibilities that ReactJS offers for extending the features inside their application.
Additionally, the application’s performance and user experience improved significantly, ending up in satisfied users and more business for BrandVerge.