The Ultimate DevOps Benefits for Enterprises | Cloudcast Show

The ultimate DevOps Benefits for Enterprises | Cloudcast Show, 1st Episode

DevOps Benefits for Enterprises

On this episode we discuss about what is DevOps and how it can benefit enterprises who are looking to automate their processes and reduce their operational expenses.

Time-Stamped Show Note

[00:27] Welcome to the Cloud Cast Show!

[00:54] What the fork is DevOps? 

[02:36] DevOps is for everybody 

[03:01] Why to adopt DevOps?

[03:16] How hard is it to adopt DevOps?

[04:22] One goal: Deliver more quality

[05:26] How to enable DevOps on a company?

[05:39] Different kinds of DevOps teams 

[06:38] How to start educating a team?

[07:43] Anybody can become DevOps 

[08:18] DevOps is a must even for startups

[10:41] DevOps is not only for tech guys

[12:07] Understanding DevOps without being lost

[14:11] Tools to work with a DevOps team 

[14:40] Slack: Productivity and communication tool 

[15:21] DevOps videocast series for Fintech

[16:51] Recommendations to adopt DevOps

[17:26] Improvement through an agile methodology 

[18:47] Automate everything that you can 

[19:21] Measure your results 

[20:33] That is DevOps!

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