Welcome lopezdoriga.com to ClickIT’s client list!

Welcome lopezdoriga.com to ClickIT’s client list!

Welcome lopezdoriga.com to ClickIT’s client list! We are proud to work with one of the most important news portal in Mexico.

Can you imagine what it means to have a traffic of 1, 300, 000 visits per month on your website? The renowned lopezdoriga.com news portal has this number of visits, which is responsible for presenting truthful information about what is happening in Mexico and the World.

It is hard to imagine what it takes to keep a WordPress site so fast and available for this amount of visitors. Since a few years ago, the site implements open source technologies to stay optimized. Among the different technologies that the site uses to implement best practices are PHP 7, Nginx and AWS.

The site is a WordPress, which allows greater ease of use and editing. Today it is imperative to have the best technologies and tools so that the site is in the optimal conditions to obtain more visits.

At ClickIT we feel committed to delivering a work of excellence to each company. Your users deserve the best online experience, as well as lopezdoriga.com’s users, to have the best user experience. Forget about the problems of your website through the different open source technologies by associating your company with us.

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