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Deep Art of Scaling for Cloud Environments, Part 2

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As we said before, the release of the second part of the blog “Deep Art of Scaling for Cloud Environments” is here.

As you can noticed before, the first part was about looked at some of important factors for scaling and best practices for code storage.In this second delivery we are going to discuss about the future for the auto scaling for applications and the variety of options you can use in order to auto scale.

To finish this article, other topics such as cloud services providers are discussed: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We hope this article helps you to understand the importance of cloud environments and how to scale and not die trying.

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Alfonso Valdes is the CEO and Founder of ClickIT Smart Technologies, an IT agency focused in the architecture and implementation of Modern Cloud Applications highly resilient in Linux and Open Source technologies. He combines more than 8 years of IT experience in the field of scalable architectures, distributed systems and developing cloud-native applications.

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